Manufacturing Workforce Recruiting and Staffing

6 ways to use technology to support HR strategies in manufacturing

With the rise of automation, manufacturers need talent more than ever. Here’s how to use technology to support your HR strategy.

Attracting employees through ethical manufacturing

Find out how manufacturers can actively demonstrate ethical practices to attract employees that let their values guide decisions on where they want to work.

Attracting younger generational workers

Globally, the worker shortage is due to fair wages, but that’s not the case for manufacturing. We explore how to attract young talent for your roles.

Balanced recruitment: Get what you both want

Find out how to get the right balance between finding your ideal candidates and being the right employer for the people you want to hire.

Bring safety protocol to the modern world

Between labor shortages and new technologies, training on safety and cybersecurity are both vital parts of the manufacturing onboarding process.

Finding the right manufacturing candidate

Of a growing pool of candidates, who is the right one for your business? EmployBridge can help you choose the right one to fill your needs.

Future-proof by Upskilling the Workforce

Offering workers the opportunity to upskill through a development program is a great way to ensure better employee retention and provide a strong incentive for new candidates to want to work for you.

Hiring for manufacturing best practices

Looking for new candidates in your field? We’ve highlighted the 5 best practices for hiring in the manufacturing industry.

Hiring new manufacturing employees

Recruiting for a new host of employees and unsure where to start? EmployBridge is here to help you find the candidates you need to fill your open roles.

How manufacturing companies can benefit from partnering with a staffing agency

Discover how partnering with a staffing agency can help manufacturing companies improve their recruiting processes so they can meet the demands of the industry.

How to attract top talent: Are Higher Pay Rates Necessary?

Explore what makes a candidate choose one employer over another in the manufacturing industry and whether higher pay rates are necessary to attract top talent.

How To Become A Journeyman Machinist

Becoming a journeyman machinist In manufacturing, every intricate part, component, and machine is the result of the work of skilled machinists. If you have a …

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How to find work ethic in a resume

Searching for the right new hire can be a daunting task but with the right goals in mind and knowing what to look for in a resume, the right fit will become obvious.

How to hire faster and smarter during uncertain times

Manufacturing companies don’t plan to slow down hiring. Most want to find the right candidate fast and within budget. How can you accomplish that?

How To Reduce Turnover In Manufacturing

The turnover rate for manufacturing businesses is rising and companies are scrambling to find solutions.

Identifying essential background check criteria

When deciding whether or not to hire a particular applicant, you should consider certain criteria and disregard others.

Ingenuity in the industrial industry

Following global shutdowns and major shifts in the industrial industry, here are some of the changes you should expect as you prepare to hire new talent.

Introducing New Technology Into The Workplace

New technology can be a scary topic for the manufacturing industry because it means a change in the work dynamic. Here are some ways to get your employees interested.

Is quiet quitting real?

When employees feel burned out and unconnected to the work they’re doing, quiet quitting becomes a real thing.

Machinist Skills for Career Advancement

Machinist skills for career advancement In machining, you must master specific skills if you want to advance in your career. Using equipment with precision, becoming …

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Marketing your business to fill the gap

Reigniting a new generation of laborers to get excited about working in the manufacturing industry isn’t as hard as it may sound.

Navigating a Manufacturing Industry Recession

A recession is likely to happen in the U.S. in the upcoming year, but the manufacturing industry has proved to be resilient in the face of an economic downturn.

Quick tips in manufacturing recruitment

The manufacturing industry is facing tough competition in the hiring process. Here are a few ways to improve your job descriptions and interview process.

Raising pay rates to retain talent

The talent war is real, and there’s a shortage of qualified candidates to fill manufacturing positions. Consider raising pay rates to retain talent.

Recruitment technology trends for 2022

Looking to upgrade your manufacturing industry recruiting technology? Staying on top of recruitment trends can help your productivity.

Retain aging workers through manufacturing automation

To offset the challenge of retirement, manufacturers can lean on automated technology to retain their aging workforce.

Rethinking hiring practices to solve your recruiting challenges

It’s time for manufacturers to rethink their hiring practices and adjust outdated methods to find the right talent more efficiently.

Short and long-term strategies to close the skills gap in manufacturing

It’s more important than ever to secure talent in the manufacturing industry. Here are a few short and long-term solutions.

The key to surviving the Great Resignation? Boomerang employees

For many, the Great Resignation has made labor shortages even worse. Here’s why boomerang employees are key to the future of manufacturing.

Understanding the benefits of extending workers' contracts

There’s over a million temporary hires in manufacturing. Learn how extending workers’ contracts improves retention rates, productivity and reduces costs.