Recruitment technology trends for 2022

March 16, 2022

Recruiting and HR can often feel like a five-person job. With all of the regulations, paperwork, interviews and background checks to keep track of, dropping the ball at some point in the process is not uncommon. New technology and trends are emerging that can make the recruitment realm more manageable and streamlined. Instead of manual spreadsheets and constantly following up on candidates and employees for paperwork, these trends can cut your worries in half.

Upcoming trends in recruitment technology

Talent acquisition is filled with tasks from the beginning to the end of the day such as writing position descriptions, conducting interviews, reviewing resumes, negotiating salaries and onboarding new hires. The way a candidate can become a rockstar employee starts from the moment they send in their application. A new hire is set up for success with meticulous interviewing. Adopt an analytical eye on cultural fit in order to bring on someone who will work well with the team and meet key business goals.

The nature of these tasks is shifting so that businesses can stay at the forefront of their industry. Here are some of the top tech trends to help recruiters do their job more efficiently.

Recruitment marketing software

Most of the job market is driven by the candidate. Deploying recruitment software can help you find the candidates that are best suited for the positions you need to fill. Marketing strategies can launch your recruitment process by automating job posting distribution and optimizing them for search engines. This software can help you find the right keywords your desired candidates are looking for.

Applicant tracking systems

An applicant tracking system (ATS) can help recruiters stay on top of where applicants are in their hiring process. If they have not filled out the I-9 necessary for onboarding, completed the background check or even signed the offer letter, an ATS can catch that before set deadlines. This can free up HR professionals' focus time so they can move on to more valuable tasks such as actively interviewing candidates or reading cover letters. A streamlined application process means higher retention rates.

HR analytics

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are not unique to just marketing tactics. HR must also leverage data to find high-value candidates and understand any bottlenecks in the recruitment process. Understanding data such as the kinds of candidates they are attracting, or which candidates perform the best in their business can help develop a job description that can attract these types of applicants.

Gig pages

If your client is looking for a temporary applicant for a seasonal job, offer these positions on your website, or connect with a recruiter to pinpoint seasonal workers. Make the application process a bit easier with the keen eye and professional guiding hand of a recruitment consultant.