Employee Engagement

Improving Productivity and Quality through Employee Engagement

An engaged employee is a productive employee, and at ResourceMFG we are committed to investing in our associates so you can grow your business.  Through a combination of mobile engagement, personal coaching and recognition, and upskilling opportunities, we address and overcome many of the challenges common among today’s temporary workforce. Our solutions speak for themselves – over 45% of our associates year-over-year are repeat employees.

Digital & Mobile Innovations

Our cutting-edge digital and mobile tools give businesses and associates the power to control the way they work with unmatched speed, efficiency and flexibility. With nearly one million downloads, our best-in-class career app allows us to maintain 24/7 communication with our associates and enables them to access job information at a moment’s notice. It is the highest rated app in the staffing industry with 4 out of 5 stars, and has led to a 23% increase in productivity among our associates and 100% more employee satisfaction.

Upskilling and Advancement

Over 95% of our associates indicated in our Voice of the American Worker survey that they would be willing to invest personal time to learn a new skill. We offer them those opportunities and more through our Better WorkLife program, which includes:

  • Life skills courses for personal development with topics ranging from budgeting to communication to wellness and more
  • Professional courses to support their work in your organization
    • 96% of Better WorkLife Academy students feel they perform better than, or on-par with, their co-workers
    • 88% report a positive experience
    • 83% feel more confident in their skill sets
  • An affordable high school diploma program

We’re on track to upskill tens of thousands of workers each year, helping our customers secure the skills they need to operate successfully. Plus, early results show that associates who engage in skills training stay on assignments longer, helping to reduce turnover.

Curious what turnover is costing you? Calculate your turnover costs here.

Coaching and Recognition

We work one-on-one with our associates to provide feedback and performance reviews and attendance coaching, and we’ve developed employee recognition programs to encourage safe and productive habits in the workplace.

  • Stand up reviews and feedback
  • Attendance coaching
  • Employee recognition programs (attendance, safety and productivity)