How to find work ethic in a resume

April 26, 2022

Looking through applications after putting out a job ad can quickly feel overwhelming if you get a lot of resumes in. While outsourcing your hiring process can be immensely helpful, it's still up to you to choose the right one of the bunch. This article will explore what to look for in a resume that will tell you if the candidate has a great work ethic.

Finding signs of a great work ethic

An excellent work ethic is what every employer hopes for when they hire someone new. This is someone who is dedicated to the job, will put in great work and their effort permeates through to a successful business. A new hire should have high integrity and consider every step they take as valuable.

Looking through resumes and bringing candidates in for an interview can tell you a lot about the kind of employee they will be. Here are five signs of a great work ethic in a resume:

1. They've made an impact at their last place of employment

When someone can quantify their efforts at their workplace, they can show in numbers the impact they made. You're looking for someone who has provided value to their past company and who is willing to not only fill a role but make a difference in their new one.

2. They've stayed with a business for a long time

Strong work ethic means that a person has spent time and effort doing their best while on the job. Staying with a company for a while demonstrates they have concentration on their goals and dedication to reaching them. If they received a promotion at their previous company, they probably showed great work ethic and organization in order to do so.

3. They've shown accountability for their past mistakes

This may come across better during the interview stage, but you want to make sure and ask about a time in which they made a mistake and how they handled it. This can show you not only how they hold accountability when confronting an issue, as well as their integrity in how they approach the question itself. Note their response closely.

4. They've earned additional certifications and awards

While this may not be a requirement for the job (depending on how specialized it is), it does show dedication to improving themselves. Earning additional certifications beyond their normal expected requirements demonstrates a candidate's dedication to their industry and getting ahead.

5. They've held multiple positions related to the job

Career changes are common and someone with skills that are transferable is possible. However, if you're looking for a high level position, you want to look for a candidate that is prepared for their new responsibilities.

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