Balanced recruitment: Get what you both want

October 27, 2022

Finding and keeping the right employees is a vital part of any organization's continual operation. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the manufacturing industry has seen a steady level of almost twice as many job openings as hires through 2022.

To get jobs filled and keep them that way, it's important to get the right balance between finding your ideal candidates and being the right employer for the people you want to hire. To achieve this, the best approach is to determine the top things you need from your employees and what candidates want from their employers.

What do you need in an ideal employee?

There's no such thing as "perfect," but you can get pretty close when it comes to choosing the best candidates. Consider these five key points when reviewing resumes to determine if they're a good fit for your organization:

  • Core skills: There are going to be very specific skills or qualifications that an employee cannot be without to do the job. This is the first step in ensuring a candidate will be right for the role. Know which are absolutely necessary from day one and which can be developed over time.
  • Experience: Have they done similar work elsewhere before? The more experience they have in comparable roles, the easier it will be for them to integrate.
  • Industry knowledge: Of those previous roles, what industry were they in? Any prior understanding they have of your particular product, processes and industry-specific regulations, the better.
  • Flexibility: Does their previous experience demonstrate their ability to adapt to new situations and challenges? Look for internal promotions or variation in the types of roles they've done in the past.
  • Motivation: Identify signs of consistent, long-term employment to show they are committed to the work.

What do employees want from their employer?

So you've found candidates that are a great fit for your organization — what do you need to offer them to be an attractive prospective employer? When you consider that 91% of manufacturers offer employees medical insurance, according to 2021 statistics from MployerAdvisor, a comprehensive employment and benefits package will help you secure the employees you want.

Here are five areas where you can demonstrate your attractiveness to candidates before and during the interview process:

  • Fair pay: Benchmark your salaries against industry standards and regularly review them to remain competitive and attractive.
  • Safety: Make sure anyone who comes for an interview sees that you run a responsible operation that takes care of its staff with a quick tour.
  • Feeling valued: During the interview process, be sure to acknowledge what qualities you see the candidate bringing to your company to demonstrate how you think they will make a valuable difference.
  • Opportunities: Whether it's chances for promotion, bonuses or training, tell your interviewees about the advantages you offer your employees.
  • Cultural fit: Every organization is different, so emphasize what kind of culture your business has. Tell candidates about any social or extracurricular activities your teams engage in to give them an idea of whether your business is the right fit for them.

Remember to always consider the balance of benefit between your business and employees. The best way to keep good employees is to find the most suitable candidates and then give them an employment package that keeps them eager and loyal to your organization.