We Take Safety as Seriously As You Do

Reducing Risk and Increasing Stability

Unlike staffing generalists, we’re manufacturing workforce specialists, so we take safety as seriously as you do. To us and the workforce we provide, being floor-ready requires far more than watching a general safety video. It means hours of training and seminars for our staff and your supervisors from our best-in-class Safety and Loss Prevention Team. It also means understanding the PPE requirements of the job and showing up, not simply trained on your equipment, but safety conscious and floor-ready for your manufacturing operation.

Our commitment to safety extends to your environment as well – assuring the safety of your entire workforce. These safety programs and support services do more than lower the risk of OSHA safety violations and fines.

Common Employer Safety Challenges:

  • Safety compliance
  • Employee safety
  • Risk Management

ResourceMFG Solutions:

  • Safety observations
  • Value-added safety services
  • World-class safety program
  • Unmatched safety resources

To date, we’ve conducted over 230,000 internal audits and saved our clients over $5.8 million in avoided fines. Our programs save you the time and expense of retraining, save money in terms of liability, injury and related costs and increase our Associates’ speed to productivity.

Our Value-Added Services Include:

  • Focus on prevention
  • Behavior-based safety programs
  • OSHA record keeping
  • Accident investigation
  • Safety Observation Program
  • Developing a culture of safety

By the Numbers:

  • 25 Full-time safety professionals (largest in the staffing industry)
  • 20+ OSHA-authorized general industry outreach trainers
  • 230,000 safety observations conducted
  • Over $5.8M in avoided fines
    • 74 mock audits conducted in 2019
    • 1,509 violations prevented
  • Only 1 in 30 applicants is awarded our Safety Standard of Excellence Award