Solving Manufacturers’ Toughest Recruitment Challenges

As your manufacturing workforce partner, ResourceMFG helps solve your toughest recruitment challenges and provides you with a competitive advantage in the job market. By listening to and understanding what employees want in our Voice of the American Worker survey, we can create customized recruitment strategies for manufacturers to attract a skilled workforce and meet the expectations of today’s workforce.

We know manufacturers today face the challenge of getting both the volume and quality of applicants they need, while also filling positions on time. ResourceMFG’s specialized, comprehensive and proactive approach to recruiting enables our teams to recruit for and hire employees smarter and faster than ever. As a result, we’ve been able to draw in over four million new applicants each year.

Outreach and Sourcing

To meet job seekers where they are, ResourceMFG employs a comprehensive and tailored sourcing strategy across mobile, local and social avenues. This recruiting strategy combined with our industry-specific screening strategies, allows us to find and hire blue-collar employees to meet the needs of our clients. We’re constantly evolving the way we recruit and find employees through new and emerging digital technology and strategic partnerships.

Digital & Mobile Innovations

Our cutting-edge digital and mobile tools give businesses and associates the power to control the way they work with unmatched speed, efficiency and flexibility. A major component of our recruiting success is effective communication. We are constantly evolving our communication channels to match our candidates’ job and engagement preferences. With nearly one million downloads, our award-winning mobile career app not only helps us to communicate job offers to our candidates, but it also provides:

  • Directions and transportation options
  • Required personal protective equipment
  • Schedule changes
  • Payment notifications
  • Courses available through our Better WorkLife Academy and Life Skills Studio
  • Refer a friend option for job seekers to apply with ResourceMFG

Learn more about our mobile career app here.

Centralized Recruiting and Support Centers

To capture and engage a larger percentage of today’s workforce, ResourceMFG partners with our internal recruiting call centers to handle phone traffic and provide outstanding customer service to our job seekers. We refer to these centers are our Search and Support teams. We have over 200 colleagues in Search and Support who are focused on applicant engagement and support.

These teams handle over 50,000 inbound calls per week and are able to capture 100% of these calls using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. AI is used to also understand our applicants in order to better inform our recruiting processes and improve overall performance.

To best assist our clients and job seekers, Search and Support offices also offer after-hours services.

For our larger manufacturing clients, this team has proven experience during peak staffing ramps where 100 to 1,000+ employees are required.

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