Manufacturing Workforce Management

4 benefits of blockchain in manufacturing

Blockchain is poised to disrupt the manufacturing industry. To explain how, here are four key benefits.

4 leadership styles every manufacturing manager should know about

No two bosses are exactly the same, but knowing the ins and outs of each style will help you become a better leader in the manufacturing industry.

6 New Year's resolutions that could improve company culture in manufacturing

To kick off 2022 on the right foot, here are six New Year’s resolutions that may help manufacturers build a more positive company culture.

6 reasons to show manufacturing workers that their work is valued

Many workers are feeling undervalued by their employers. Here are six reasons manufacturers should ensure their workers are feeling appreciated.

Afraid to automate? Here's how to get started with manufacturing automation

Automation is manufacturing’s next chapter. Here’s how your company can start making the transition toward a smarter future.

An employee-centric model for manufacturing companies

Adopting an employee-centric model helps manufacturing companies tap into the full potential of their workforce. Learn how by applying these six strategies.

Boosting productivity among employees on the manufacturing floor

One in four people quit their job in 2021. That’s a big deal that many organizations need to come to terms with. By now, it’s no secret that employee engagement is a top concern for many businesses. Productivity is often cited as the key driver of employee engagement.

Developing a benefits package candidates will love

The hiring market is tight. A robust benefits package could be the thing that turns a candidate from a maybe to a yes.

Developing flexible work in the manufacturing industry

Flexible work hours are becoming increasingly popular across industries, but is it possible for manufacturing? Let’s dive into the details.

Developing leadership skills in your workplace

When your corporation develops and develops, you want to identify employees who carry on your company goals, train new hires and grow the business.

Developing policies regarding legalized marijuana usage

As more states legalize marijuana, companies are developing policies regarding its use by employees.

Employee engagement techniques in the manufacturing workplace

36% of employees feel engaged in the workplace. Interestingly, this number has fluctuated more in the past few years than it ever has before. Employee engagement is one of the most important concepts in organizational leadership as it helps to ensure that people are sticking around for the long haul.

Factors that contribute to job security

Male workers expect both pay rate and job security from their next position. Here are ways you can improve job security in your business.

Factors to consider before raising pay rates

In today’s tight labor market, here are four factors to consider before you raise pay rates for your manufacturing employees.

Gain a competitive advantage by streamlining your manufacturing operations

Learn about five ways to streamline your manufacturing operations to boost productivity and profits, while still ensuring product quality and safety.

Here's what you can do instead of laying off employees

In the face of an economic downturn, you can save money by trimming your budget. Here are four ways to do that without laying off employees.

How can manufacturing companies help employees feel more secure in their jobs?

Job security is a powerful motivator for employees, which is instrumental to your manufacturing business’ success. Learn four ways you can achieve this goal.

How to become a better manager in the manufacturing industry

It’s a well known adage that employees don’t quit their jobs – they quit their managers. Here’s a few ways manufacturing leaders can become better bosses.

How to build community within your manufacturing company

Modern organizations know the importance of creating a positive company culture. Here’s how manufacturers can build community in their company.

How to calculate productivity once and for all

We know that productivity is important and as a business owner you have goals for your business, but what is actually realistic? Let’s dive in.

How to improve staff productivity

Productivity is the ability to produce goods and services versus the amount of time it takes to finish the task.

How to introduce manufacturing automation to older employees

Automation is the way of the future. Here’s how to introduce it to your older employees most effectively.

How to leverage seasonal manufacturing employees to relieve workplace stress

Temporary employees are major assets when it comes to tackling burnout. Here’s how manufacturers can leverage seasonal hires to relieve professional stress.

How to leverage technology to become a better manufacturing manager

Being a good boss is no easy task, especially in manufacturing. Here are a few ways technology can help you become a better manager to your workforce.

How to overcome the skills gap in manufacturing

Looking at your candidate pool and unsure how to deal with the skills gap you see after the pandemic? EmployBridge can guide you.

How to save money while retaining employees

With an ongoing labor shortage and a competitive market, manufacturers can use these four strategies to keep their best employees without breaking the bank.

How to sets goals with your employees

Your employees help move the business forward, day in and day out. Showing appreciation for their hard work can go a long way to improve the business.

Incorporating EHS with your safety protocol

You know safety is vital, but how do you work EHS into your health, safety and compliance strategy? 

Is quiet quitting a real thing?

When employees feel burned out and unconnected to the work they’re doing, quiet quitting becomes a real thing.

Managing mental health in manufacturing

Manufacturing environments are demanding work on both the body and mind. Helping your workforce take care of both is all the more important to ensure they remain safe, happy and productive.