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Pay Rates • Peak Season • Recruiting | 09/29/2022

3 Weeks. 40 Interviews Per Day. 200+ New Hires.

In October 2022 WIT Logistics was preparing to launch its first distribution facility in the Lansing area. To meet the demands of the upcoming holiday season and ensure 100% order fulfillment from the start, they needed to launch with 200 fully trained and onboarded employees, including forklift operators and production workers.

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Employee Retention • Operational Excellence • Recruiting • Screening and Training | 10/19/2022

Data-Driven Approach Redefines Staffing for Major Automotive Manufacturer

Volvo was facing a number of serious challenges in order fulfillment retention, and communication with their current staffing provider. Due to a sizable headcount gap of around 150 associates in total, Volvo was experiencing significant challenges in meeting their weekly production plan and KPIs for overtime and on-time delivery.

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Peak Season • Recruiting | 02/11/2022

Doubling Headcount on a Holiday Weekend

ACCO Brands – One of the world’s largest designers marketers, and manufacturers of branded academic, consumer, and business products.

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Employee Retention • Recruiting | 09/28/2022

Increasing Customer and Associate Trust and Satisfaction

Just prior to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic TechStyle had a backlog of returns from across the nation. They were also faced with an 18-month deadline to vacate their site to move to another location.

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Pay Rates • Peak Season • Recruiting • Screening and Training | 09/27/2022

New SSO Program Fills 450+ Openings in Two Months

In August of 2021 QVC knew they needed to fill 450 open positions before the peak holiday season arrived.

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Associate Success • Employee Retention • Pay Rates • Recruiting • Screening and Training | 09/26/2022

Resource Expertise: Custom VIP+ Assessment Surpasses Goals, Saves Millions

Little Tikes was falling critically behind on orders and needed to hire 150 additional associates as quickly as possible. Despite utilizing six different staffing agencies the client had lost nearly $16 million due to turnover and challenges with training.

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Company Culture • Employee Retention • Pay Rates • Recruiting | 09/28/2022

Resource Expertise: Investing in associates to build brand loyalty

Working with their previous staffing provider Dometic faced significant shortages in order fulfillment. Candidate traffic was low, and turnover was high.

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Employee Retention • Recruiting | 11/12/2021

Strategic Workforce Partnership Improves Bottom Line

For this client the goal was to optimize every aspect of the contingent hiring and staffing process to meet fluctuating demand for its food production in an efficient, safe and effective way.

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Company Culture | 11/02/2021

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ResourceMFG is the first and largest national staffing company specializing in manufacturing working alongside top plants and facilities to provide jobs in production, quality, maintenance, supervision and all levels of management.

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