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Strategic Workforce Partnership Improves Bottom Line

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The Client

A leading bakery manufacturer and distributor, with a 24/7 operation that requires up to 650 employees to produce on average 35,000 cases of bread daily. 

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The Need

  • Gain more visibility into the headcount of both the contingent and full-time workforce, along with a cross-training strategy to address performance lags, inaccurate budget allocations and inefficient labor utilization.
  • Establish a competitive advantage to attract and retain more workers in a tight local labor market.
  • Improve data reporting and visibility into the ROI of its contingent workforce strategy.
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The Solution

The VIP+ team worked with the client on these solutions:

  1. Headcount Visibility and Planning

    To improve staff utilization, The VIP+ team established an online order requisition system that allowed supervisors to easily communicate their known staffing needs. They also developed a “rotating” on-call list for unplanned absences, along with installing time-keeping equipment on the floor for workers to clock in and out when they transitioned from one line to another. Finally, they created a cross-training strategy to ensure workers were placed in positions suited to their skill sets.

  2. Order Fulfillment

    To keep our client one step ahead of competitors, the VIP+ team analyzed local labor supply and demand, competitive wages and benefits in real-time as well as reporting on all recruitment sources, which included database networking, grassroots and community outreach, job fairs, associate referrals, social media campaigns and optimized job board advertising. Finally, they standardized processes for requisition, fulfillment and onboarding, managed across all sub-contracted partners.

  3. Selection and Retention

    To enhance employee engagement, the VIP+ team created new hire orientation that included purpose training, engaging workers in the client culture as well as produced a customized orientation video that showcased the client’s leaders, vision and culture. They also incorporated client supervisors into an ambassadorship program, enhancing the orientation experience along with providing ongoing performance coaching and feedback sessions, emphasizing pathways to direct employment opportunities. Finally, the team instilled recognition, team building and communication to ensure a strong sense of belonging.

  4. Measurement and Reporting

    The VIP+ program created measurable controls on cost and quality, transitioning contingent labor management from an administrative burden to a competitive advantage.

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The Outcome

After implementing the solutions, the client saw these outcomes:

  1. Headcount Visibility and Planning

    100% real-time visibility into the distribution of workforce needs across shifts and departments. Reduced overtime cost by $90,581 in the first six months following solution implementation. 100% achievement accurate budget allocation by department.

  2. Order Fulfillment

    100% order fulfillment.

  3. Selection and Retention

    54% reduction in replacement requisitions. $107,035 saved by reducing turnover 13% in first 6 months following solution implementation.

  4. Measurement and Reporting

    Delivered customized workforce data reporting, allowing the client to understand the comparative value of recruiting sources and tactics, improve labor utilization, support safety compliance, identify high-performing contingent workers for potential full-time employment, and measure the effectiveness of staffing sub-contractors.

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