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7 ways manufacturers can improve employee recognition

When the holiday season approaches, many industries know that peak volumes are following suit. Yet, thanks to ongoing labor shortages and supply chain disruptions, manufacturers are struggling to stay on pace.

Indeed, workers are quitting their jobs like never before. A recent study by Visier indicates that one in every four workers are resigning from their jobs in 2021, underscoring a much-needed focus on worker retention.

To mitigate the mass exodus of labor, organizations should focus on employee recognition. Here are seven ways manufacturers can appreciate workers while improving their company culture.

1. Give your appreciation a personal touch
Custom messaging is one of the most effective ways to improve employee recognition. In fact, 70% of employees agree that recognition is most meaningful when it's personalized, according to O.C. Tanner. By customizing your displays of gratitude to each individual, your message will resonate to full effect.

2. Recognize employees in a timely manner
You don't want displays of appreciation to be far and few between. Take every opportunity to congratulate workers on their achievements. Better yet, encourage colleagues to do the same. Through positive reinforcement, workers will feel satisfied knowing their hard work is recognized by peers and managers alike.

3. Offer employees a more flexible schedule
When you offer an employee a more agile schedule, you're giving them a significant sign of trust and appreciation. With additional flexibility in their day, employees don't have to worry about racing to and from work on time.

In taking a little extra weight off their shoulders, you help them manage stress and prevent burnout. Better yet, they'll know that management has their back.

4. Publicly recognize work achievements
When an employee truly excels, take that opportunity to congratulate them publicly. Whether they've taken on additional responsibilities or exceeded expectations, publicly recognizing their efforts will go a long way toward keeping them happy.

Organize meetings, town halls and other events where all hands are on deck. These are great venues for communication, feedback and moments of appreciation.

5. Never forget a birthday
Birthdays are an especially great chance to celebrate your workers. Not only are they an opportunity to gather around and come together as a team — hey're also an excellent break from the stresses of manufacturing demand.

6. Use a donation-based reward system
Employees stay engaged in their work when they feel a sense of purpose. A great way to reward employees for their effort is to make a donation to the cause of their choice once a certain goal has been reached. Not only are engaged employees more productive — they're also much less likely to suffer from burnout or look for work elsewhere.

7. Plan regular events, especially after peak volume
The busiest times of the year are often the most stressful. Planning get-togethers, company-paid meals or other treats are an effective decompression tool. Better yet, they can be a major sign of gratitude after the tough and grueling holiday season.