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6 dos and don'ts of retaining workers in manufacturing

Now, perhaps more than ever, businesses are recognizing the importance of employee retention. A whopping 92% of employers surveyed by WillisTowersWatson agree that enhancing the employee experience will be a priority for the next few years. That number sat at just 52% before the pandemic.

The stressors of work life, even in manufacturing, are beginning to shed light on how employees expect to be treated. Many businesses will make mistakes, but here are six dos and don'ts that will help you retain work moving forward.

Do: Highlight everything there is to love about the job
Take every opportunity to remind your new hires why they should be proud of a career in manufacturing. Demand for manufacturing work has never been more resounding. They'll work with cutting-edge technology, earn a good living and climb the ladder toward senior management. All the while, their hard work will be tangible to them. The fruits of their labor will be abundantly in front of them.

Don't: Rush your training program
Productivity quotas, high demand, the holiday season; these are just a few of the reasons why you might try speeding along an employee's training. However, not only does this put you in danger of missing those benchmarks, you risk setting your workers up to fail. Without proper training and opportunity to understand what they're doing, your employee may feel overwhelmed and lost. Worst of all, it could cause a serious risk to their safety. Eliminate the added stress and let your workers learn at a proper pace.

Do: Communicate with your employees and let them be heard
Among the reasons workers are quitting their jobs, per a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management's Jennifer Currence, a lack of recognition, coaching, clarity and respect from leadership were all at the top. Management should be regularly communicating with employees and providing spaces where they can voice their concerns. Likewise, they should not just field those concerns, but act on them, too. Transparency, respect and sincerity go a long way toward retaining workers.

Don't: Neglect opportunities to boost engagement
Employee engagement is paramount to successful retention. Disengaged workers are far less likely to stick around in the long term. Provide opportunities for employees to refresh, such as retraining programs, mentorship by management or other learning opportunities. Helping your employees learn will let them know how much you care about their development.

Do: Invest in a company employee portal
Provide an online space for your employees to discreetly and privately communicate with management. When issues do arise, workers can log on to the portal, leave a message and even schedule an appointment with somebody who can help. Employee portals are a great way to let employees know their wellness is important to the company.

Don't: Forget to reward employees
Manufacturing workers are the backbone of the industry. The business would be lost without them. Reward workers for their hard work. Other than the obvious financial compensation, publicly recognize outstanding employees for their achievements. Provide food, get to know them and make connections. These efforts will do wonders for the company, but more importantly they'll make employees feel like they belong.

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