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7 reasons job seekers will love a career in manufacturing

Searching for work can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. But what if you had a much smaller haystack filled with a whole lot of needles?

That smaller stack is the manufacturing industry. There are many reasons to love working in manufacturing, but here are seven of the most important.

1. The industry is growing and always in demand
Manufacturing continues to grow at a consistent rate, according to IBISWorld. In 2021 alone, the size of the American manufacturing market is expected to increase 9.8%. In other words, there's a demand for manufacturing — which means a demand for workers, too.

2. You'll get your hands on the latest cutting-edge technology
As a manufacturing worker, you'll be at the frontline of technological innovation. Not only will you witness the cutting edge, you'll be experiencing it firsthand. From automated robots to drones, you'll operate the finest in new technology and leverage it to the advantage of productivity.

3. You can earn a real living
Of course, your job will actually earn you a livable wage. Manufacturing is an industry that rewards its employees for their hard work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average manufacturing worker earned $30.02 per hour in September 2021. On top of that, health care benefits and overtime opportunities are never in short supply.

4. The work is highly tangible
Your career in manufacturing won't just be rewarding in the financial sense, either. When you work in manufacturing, you get to physically see the fruits of your labor. You're making real things that really matter to a lot of people.

5. Opportunities are abundant
Many industries struggle to hire entry-level workers. In manufacturing, there's always opportunity for new hires without experience. In terms of career, many workers begin on the floor and work their way up to senior management positions and beyond.

6. You'll work your body and your brain
Rather than your average desk job, manufacturing keeps you on your toes in more ways than physical. Although you may spend a lot of time lifting, bending and stretching, your brain won't lack stimulation, either. There are always chances to wrap your mind around a problem and figure out a solution.

7. There's no shortage of learning opportunities
Whether you're an experienced worker or a fresh new face, manufacturing companies are always looking for ways to help educate you. Many companies are investing in retraining programs to keep workers engaged, updated and interested.