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7 things to add to your manufacturing hiring process

Manufacturing recruitment processes can be formulaic — but if you want to get the attention of job seekers in a hot hiring market, you'll need to shake things up. The key is to make creative, efficient changes that rejuvenate your approach without undermining the strategies that have already proven to be effective.

Here are seven ideas that can help put "a fresh coat of paint" on your hiring process.

1) Fully digitized applications
If your applications can't be completed fully online from any device, now is the time to change that. Job seekers want to be able to engage with your open position as soon as they see it — and if that option isn't available, they may move on to something more convenient.

2) Group interviews
Group interviews make the manufacturing hiring process faster and more efficient. You'll be able to compare candidates directly, ask questions once instead of multiple times and inspire a little healthy competition along the way.

3) A chance to talk to current employees
Manufacturing workers want to know what life is actually like on the job. Give them the opportunity to see for themselves by introducing current employees, who can show potential teammates around, explain the position or just talk about your workplace culture.

4) Hybrid options
According to a 2020 survey by Deloitte, 61% of manufacturing executives expressed the desire to create hybrid workforces over the proceeding three years. This indicates a shift in the manufacturing landscape — one you won't want to miss out on. To get applicants' attention in a competitive hiring market, you need to show them that you value flexibility and are willing to provide options that give them increased control over their own work.

5) Fresh interview questions
If your interview questions feel stale, potential employees might feel you're not really interested. To keep them — and your hiring team — on their toes, ask a few unexpected questions. You might try something like, "If you could be any animal, which would you choose?"

6) A trial period
A trial period is good news for job candidates and your manufacturing company. By providing the chance to make sure everything is a good fit, you keep from wasting time and money on an employee who may end up leaving in a few months — and the candidate sees you value their time, too. Plus, there's no better way to explain company culture, job requirements and leadership style than by showing an applicant exactly how everything works.

7) Competitive pay
Although hiring isn't all about pay, most applicants do value a competitive salary. To make your recruiting process that much simpler, advertise your compensation package upfront. Keep in mind that average hourly manufacturing wages rose by 13 cents in July and 10 cents in August 2021, according to IndustryWeek research. Thus, you should make an effort to show potential hires you're keeping up with wage trends.

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