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6 ways to make your manufacturing company stand out to job seekers

When jobs are opening left and right, manufacturing workers have the freedom to be a little picky. To make sure your company is the one they choose, you'll need to get creative and stand out from the crowd.

However, this isn't just about flashy job titles or the latest hiring trends; it's about converting job seekers into new hires. Here's how to keep your manufacturing company at the forefront of every potential worker's mind.

1) Get excited about your company culture
It's one thing to work on creating an engaging, inspiring company culture — but it's another thing entirely to actually be excited about that culture. Manufacturing job seekers are smart enough to tell the difference between a company that just wants attention and a company that actually invests in its people.

2) Write an inspiring job description
Speaking of exciting elements of the working world, don't forget to hook potential employees from the very beginning with your job description. An effective but creative job description combines elements of personality with facts about the job, showing job seekers who you are as well as what you expect.

3) Use state-of-the-art training technology
Training is one of the most important elements of any new position, and savvy job seekers know to look for companies that will give them the tools they need to succeed. If you want to stand out, put your training procedures in the spotlight — and make them extra efficient by using the latest tech. According to IndustryWeek, recording an employee's job performance can give them a chance to review how they function and where they might be able to improve.

4) Use secondary channels to your advantage
Today's job seeker knows better than to take your word for anything. They want to back up your statements about your company with outside research — so keep that in mind when choosing where, when and how to communicate your messages. Nonofficial channels like employee social media could be your chance to engage with job seekers more organically.

5) Diversify your hiring pool
Job seekers may have more trust for companies actively seeking to improve diversity. For example, according to The Manufacturing Institute, women represent one in three manufacturing workers — so by showing them that you value their contributions and want to include them in the manufacturing space, you can interest female workers in your company. This dedication to diversity also demonstrates to other candidates that you're socially responsible and capable of addressing workforce issues.

6) Use recruitment marketing strategies
Recruitment doesn't just happen. You have to get your job postings in front of the right people — and to do that, you may need to think of those jobs as a product and potential employees as customers. That will put you in a marketing mindset, which can help you come up with creative, eye-catching, engaging or unique recruitment strategies that give you a leg up over the competition.

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