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5 things manufacturing workers look for in a long-term position

If you're hoping to hire manufacturing workers, what you're really looking for is a long-term partnership with an employee who will bring all kinds of new ideas and opportunities to your company. Before you can enjoy those benefits, though, you'll need to find ways to attract employees who are invested for the long haul. Here are a few things manufacturing workers look for in positions they'll keep for years.

1) Good pay
According to Forbes, the manufacturing industry paid 20% higher wages than other industries in 2018. To keep up that reputation and attract employees who want a job they'll hold on to and grow in, you'll need to guarantee them a comfortable paycheck. Keep in mind that you don't necessarily need to be the highest-paying company in the industry or even in your area — you just need to pay a competitive wage that comes with good benefits. Plus, when benefits and wages grow over time, employees are more likely to stick around.

2) Plentiful opportunities
Long-term employees may hold onto their jobs because they love what they do, but that doesn't mean they want to do the exact same tasks for years to come. After all, even the most loyal worker may get bored once they become an expert at every step of their job. To solve this problem, make sure to keep opportunities plentiful in your workplace. These may include chances to advance through your manufacturing company, new projects to work on or lead, professional development and maybe even the invitation to use outside skills.

3) An engaging work environment
If you want loyal, motivated employees, you need to create an environment to which they actually want to keep returning. That involves a lot of things, like developing a strong company culture, building trust between workers, strengthening your teams and continuing to grow with the times by implementing the latest technology. An engaging workplace keeps employees feeling connected to their jobs and coworkers — so find creative ways to make them feel like your manufacturing company is a home away from home.

4) Referral programs
Referral programs, as explained by The Business Journals, help employees feel engaged with one another and with you. It's great for your hiring strategy: An employee who recommends a friend, family member or professional connection is motivated to help that person succeed, while the new hire wants their performance to reflect well on the original employee. Referral programs show current workers that you value their opinions and insights — and they show potential employees that you trust your people, too.

5) An employer who listens and learns
Perhaps the most important thing manufacturing workers look for in a long-term position is a reliable, communicative employer. They want you to listen to their concerns, value their opinions, treat them with respect and learn from their feedback. Basically, they want to know that you'll never act like they're just a statistic, and that you'll make them feel like they are an important part of your company's growth and success.

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