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7 ways to refresh your hiring strategy

To get an applicant's attention, your manufacturing company's hiring strategy needs to be unique, fresh and welcoming. That means utilizing tech tools and switching up some tired-out strategies, but it doesn't mean you have to let go of everything that has worked for you in the past. Instead, combine the old with the new and refresh your hiring strategy with these tips.

1: Utilize social media
Social media isn't just for marketing. It's also an excellent way to engage with your target audience — in this case, potential employees. Use your website and social media to give job seekers a look at who you are, what you value, what your work environment is like and how workers fit into the manufacturing world.

Remember, though, that social media use is about quality over quantity. As Imaginasium advises, it's better to use a few channels effectively than to try using all of them and end up with inconsistent or unprofessional messaging.

2: Get creative with interviews
Interviews don't have to be limited to the traditional one-on-one structure anymore. They don't even have to be in-person. According to The Business Journals, online interviews give you the chance to talk to multiple candidates at once — which inspires a little friendly competition and shows how applicants handle a larger variety of professional situations.

3: Don't imagine the ideal candidate
Although it may be tempting to imagine your ideal candidate — maybe a sharp young worker with a keen eye for manufacturing tasks — this habit can actually be limiting. Rather than looking for an individual who checks a long list of predetermined boxes, approach the interview process with an open mind and see what new things an unexpected candidate can bring to the table.

4: Ask unique interview questions
The last thing you want is overly rehearsed answers to overly rehearsed interview questions. Instead, mix things up a little and ask questions that will help manufacturing job seekers communicate their strengths, weaknesses and values more spontaneously. You could try asking something unexpected just to see how candidates respond to a creative question — for example, "How many ping-pong balls can you fit in an elephant's trunk?"

5: Make your 'Careers' page pop
Applicants looking for jobs in manufacturing want background on the position, the company and the benefits. According to Imaginasium, that's the job of a 'Careers' page on your website, which should be user-friendly and organized with useful information for job seekers interested in your company.

6: Always follow up
After any interview or discussion, it's important to follow up with applicants. This helps solidify your company's reputation in the applicant's mind, but it also helps keep communication channels open so you don't lose your prospective employee to the competition.

7: Broaden your search area
Local candidates are sometimes a manufacturing company's first and easiest choice, but that doesn't mean they are your only choice. The Business Journals recommends broadening your search area to include job seekers who may be interested in taking a remote position or moving to a new city so they can snag that perfect career at your company. Remember, don't replace your existing hiring strategies — just refresh them.

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