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6 ways your company can support new hires re-entering the workforce

When it comes to hiring these days, businesses in a variety of industries — including manufacturing — are facing difficulties finding enough high-quality candidates to fill their open positions. As such, you might find yourself hiring with the intent of training new employees, or connecting with people who do not specifically have a background in the manufacturing sector.

That doesn't have to be a negative, and especially if these hires are re-entering the workforce after long absences, you have to be able to support them as they learn the ropes and get acclimated to your company's culture. The following tips should help you do that:

1) Examine the unique challenges they may face

No two people will be coming to you with the same work or life history, and you have to be willing to find unique ways to set them up for success, according to the Harvard Business Review. Understand the individual challenges they may encounter as they start their journey with your company and do what you can to support them every step of the way.

2) Get their team members to support them

Along similar lines, you need organizational buy-in from everyone in your company when it comes to welcoming new hires to their teams, the Harvard Business Review advised. They may generally have that attitude anyway, but you have to make sure they know the specific pain points with hires who have been out of the workforce, and are willing to lend a hand whenever needed.

3) Create a formal onboarding process and start it before Day 1

Onboarding hires who haven't worked for months or even years is a bit different from those who are just changing jobs, according to Thinkwise. Making sure they are receiving plenty of information and support even before they show up to their first day of work will help keep everyone on the same page.

4) Ensure you're giving them the basics

You likely strive to ensure all your employees have the tools and materials they need on an ongoing basis, but that will be doubly important for these hires, Thinkwise noted. When they come to you with questions or concerns, you have to be able to spring into action and provide what they need.

5) Have a training and learning plan in place

Again, many people coming into the manufacturing sector these days likely won't have all the skills they need to make them ideal employees on their first day of work, according to Venngage. As such, craft a training plan for all new hires that can then be tailored to each new hire's individual needs. When formal plans are in place, it becomes easier to proceed.

6) Give them a mentor

Finally, it can be helpful to assign new hires a personal mentor or buddy who can provide some advice, guidance and a sympathetic ear as people learn the ropes of the manufacturing industry at large, and your company in particular, Venngage said. That not only makes the start of their journey easier to handle, it also creates the kind of "sticky" relationships that enable workers to stick around with your company for the long term.

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