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5 tips to connect with people not currently working

No matter what position you hold in business these days, you are no doubt aware of how difficult it is to attract talent. Across most industries, there is now an ever-growing number of job listings but relatively few people who can or will fill them. This creates an interesting situation, in which employers now have to do more to stand out from the crowd and ensure that they are doing more to connect with that relatively small sliver of would-be workers.

One way in which your manufacturing business may be able to do so is by targeting people who have fully dropped out of the workforce in recent months. These are people who are not actively looking for work, but could make great hires if you have the right messaging. The following tips will help you get there.

1) Highlight what you provide that other employers do not

First and foremost, it will be important to offer great salaries, benefits and other perks that allow you to stand out from the competition in your local manufacturing sector, according to the Harvard Business Review. People may not always see positions in this industry as one that will provide a strong salary or a great work-life balance, and advertising specifically designed to overcome that misconception can be highly effective.

2) Think about commuting issues people normally face

No one likes to rush out the door every morning just to fight morning traffic, so starting shifts at off hours and giving people more flexibility around scheduling may be appreciated, the Harvard Business Review noted. Here, too, giving people the idea that your company will help them get around the grind that often accompanies working life can help entice them to get off the bench.

3) Present yourself as a great place to forge a career

Manufacturing isn't always seen as a sector that provides people with long-term opportunities or the chance to grow in their careers — but as you well know, that couldn't be further from the truth, according to The Muse. As such, you should highlight the fact that you're not just offering a job, you're offering a career with the ability to advance up the corporate ladder and get from the entry level to the management suite, if that's what workers want to pursue.

4) Tap your current employees

There are two ways your current employees can help you connect with people who have at least temporarily stopped looking for work, The Muse said. First, by asking for referrals (perhaps with a referral bonus for both current and future employee after a certain amount of time), and second, by providing testimonials about why your company is a great place to work. You can then use both to get the word out about your listings.

5) Make part-time an option

Finally, some people may have pulled out of the workforce because they're feeling burned out by the 9-to-5 grind, and here, offering part-time positions is a good idea, according to When I Work. That way, people can ease themselves back into working life and find a great role with your company that they can expand later.

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