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6 recruitment tips for your factory

It's no secret in the manufacturing industry that attracting — and retaining — talent has become more difficult in the past few years. However, that doesn't mean it's impossible and there are certainly steps you can take to boost your efforts on this front. That starts with evaluating your internal processes to ensure you are always able to put your best foot forward and do a better job of connecting with would-be hires.

The following efforts should help you on this front, so you can continually connect with great candidates and get them excited about working in the exciting world of manufacturing:

1) Boost your online presence

First and foremost, you need to make sure that your efforts to advertise manufacturing job openings are highly effective, and that starts with building out your website, social media accounts and so on, according to Imaginasium. These days, it's about more than just posting a job listing on a few websites and hoping you connect with the right people. You have to identify online destinations where you will be able to do a better job of connecting with the kinds of candidates you're looking for. 

2) Start sourcing from more places

Of course, with the above having been said, you may also need to cast a wider net to find people who are ready, willing and able to work in your factory, Imaginasium added. Are there any untapped markets in your area you haven't considered, including recent college and high school graduates? If so, now is the time to craft new plans to connect with those would-be workers.

3) Build a training program from the ground up

No matter whether you're hiring someone who has been in the manufacturing industry for years or someone who's brand new to it, you need to make sure they are coming into your unique organization ready to hit the ground running, according to NRTC Automation. That means it's vital to not only be able to rely on a great in-house onboarding and skills training program, but also to advertise the value it provides to both you and your new hires.

4) Start a referral process

No one knows what it takes to make it in your company better than your current employees, and you should be proactive about asking them to recommend friends or family who would be great hires, NRTC Automation said. They will be unlikely to recommend anyone who they don't think will pass muster.

5) Create a career path

People coming into any industry today want to be able to envision a future for themselves within it; workers increasingly prefer careers to jobs, according to Global HR Research. For that reason, even if you're hiring at the entry level, those employees should be able to see themselves with your company long-term.

6) Optimize your resume reading and interviewing

Finally, when you receive a large number of applications for a job opening, you need to be able to whittle down the candidate list quickly and confidently, Global HR Research advised. It's vital to be able to easily identify a few people who could stand out and conduct interviews to determine which one or two of them will work out best, all within a short timeframe.

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