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8 steps to improve attendance at your factory

In many industries, one of the biggest drags on operations is a so-so record when it comes to employee attendance. While everyone is going to have to take the occasional sick day, when it starts to noticeably affect your bottom line, you can't afford to let the problem continue as-is.

How can you address the issue head-on? We have some recommendations:

1) Always seek feedback on processes and policies

When employee absenteeism becomes a problem, there's usually a reason why — and you can just ask around to get an understanding of what may be driving the issue, according to Houston Chronicle Small Business. That kind of insight could help you craft better policies going forward.

2) Make your space more worker-friendly

Often, workers don't want to come to the office sometimes because it's just not a good environment for them, Houston Chronicle Small Business noted. As such, simple changes like trying to reduce noise, add natural light and creating a dedicated break room space can go a long way.

3) Provide more flexible schedules

If your workers can't make it to work for the first couple of hours of their scheduled shift, they should have the flexibility to come in later and make up the lost time at some other point in the week, Houston Chronicle Small Business further added. When they have that option, a few hours they can't attend won't become a full day.

4) Keep initial concerns casual

There's no need to start bringing down the disciplinary hammer on your workers after their first, second or even third offense, according to Insperity. Instead, it should be a conversation about why they're missing so much time, and the answer may be justifiable excuses.

5) Make your policies clearer

Most of the time, workers call out sick frequently because they think it won't be a big deal if one person out of potentially hundreds misses a day here and there, Insperity said. However, if you can create or update policies that make it clear what's expected of them and what happens if they can't hold up their end of the bargain, the negative behavior can be headed off at the pass.

6) Try to make your facility more ergonomic

Especially in manufacturing, there may be numerous employees who are in pain at the end of the day and need time to recover before coming back into work, according to RotaCloud. If that's the case, making changes to your facility that reduce wear and tear on the body can be a great way to improve your attendance issues.

7) Improve employee engagement

Sometimes, employees won't come into the office as frequently as you'd like because they don't care very much about the job or the company, RotaCloud recommended. If this sounds like a familiar issue, takings steps to improve worker engagement (including increasing pay or benefits) can solve the problem.

8) Reward good attendance

Finally, if you make attendance something that is both expected and rewarded, your issues will likely clear up quickly, RotaCloud advised. For instance, giving even a small perk to employees who are at work every day for an entire quarter could be the carrot you need to boost attendance.

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