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9 ways to keep your factory workers engaged

In many jobs, inside and outside the manufacturing sector, it's not always easy to ensure your employees are fully engaged with the work they do, but it's critical to company and individual success. As such, you need to make sure worker engagement is something that is regularly prioritized within your organization.

What should that include? The following tips will point you in the right direction:

1) Give them opportunities to grow

People often feel disconnected from their jobs when they're mostly spinning their tires with the same roles and skills, according to Fellow. Over time, you should give them ample training to "skill up" not just for their current position, but those they may hold in the future as well.

2) Give them reassurance that you'll listen to their concerns

People don't want to feel their issues at work are being ignored or otherwise aren't a concern for management — so you need to be a more active listener, Fellow recommended. Something as simple as asking people for their opinions or setting up a suggestion drop-box can make a big difference here.

3) Reward hard work

When people put in a lot of effort to hit shipment goals and other benchmarks, and you barely give them a pat on the back, that can feel very discouraging, Fellow further advised. Instead, you should recognize and provide rewards for your workers or teams who do the best work each month, quarter or year.

4) Give them everything they need to succeed

Your workers should never feel like they're given a task but aren't properly equipped to do the job right, according to eSkill. Before you give out any assignments, you should have all the tools and resources necessary already on hand in your facility.

5) Chart the course for everything they do

Likewise, it's important to give directives that come with clear paths forward, eSkill said. That way, there's never any question about the task at hand, or what comes next, and workers can always pivot to the next step until the project is complete.

6) Be in regular communication

Workers today like to be connecting with their supervisors on a regular basis so that they can get the reassurance they're on the right path and working well, eSkill cautioned. That extra communication can be the difference between workers feeling encouraged or discouraged.

7) Hire from within

Much like people broadly want training opportunities to develop their skills, they also seek to work their way up the corporate ladder, according to the Business Development Bank of Canada. As such, opportunities for advancement are just important as training — after all, why go through all that effort if you can't put new skills to the test?

8) Implement their ideas

No one knows your processes better than the people carrying them out every day, and they may have some great ideas to improve, the BDC noted. Get them together on occasion and talk about positives and negatives in your existing efforts.

9) Encourage teamwork and camaraderie

Employees tend to work harder on any given day if they like their coworkers, the BDC added. Consequently, make team-building a high priority within your organization.

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