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8 ways to improve your factory's physical security

Your manufacturing facility is home to a lot of valuable things. From your employees' physical well-being to high-cost equipment and raw materials, that's a lot to protect on an ongoing basis, so the question is: Are you doing enough to protect it all from theft or harm?

If you're unsure, you might want to look at the following recommendations to increase your factory's physical security:

1) Examine your unique risks

No two industrial sites are exactly the same and there are therefore unique threat vectors you need to consider, according to Action 1st. Perhaps you're located on a busy street, or you have first-floor windows that could be left open on weekends. First and foremost, you should look at how these vulnerabilities can be exploited.

2) Install anti-theft devices

In a lot of cases, you may be able to install devices that make it difficult (or impossible) for someone to steal items in your facility, Action 1st cautioned. If you have the option, you should strive to install these kinds of devices. While they do add an expense for your company, the extra peace of mind will still be highly valuable.

3) Hire a receptionist

While you may not think of it, having a receptionist to make sure people who come to your facility are supposed to be there is a great first line of defense, Action 1st further advised. Why? They greet every visitor, make sure they're meeting with the right people, and keep an eye on things in a facility that is otherwise bustling with activity.

4) Add lights

Having more lights — including the kind that motion-activated — is highly valuable when it comes to reducing safety risks, according to Central Fence Co. This can be as simple as deterring an incident before it happens, or giving your employees more awareness of emerging threats.

5) Conduct background checks

While you should strive to think the best of anyone you hire, you obviously can't be sure that everyone is going to act in a forthright way when they're on the job, Central Fence Co., said. A quick background check before they're officially hired can help you spot any potential risks.

6) Establish your perimeter

If you have the option, it's a good idea to put a high-quality fence around your property — or at least entrance points and parking lots, Central Fence Co., noted. That kind of a physical barrier can go a long way toward reducing theft by outsiders.

7) Install surveillance cameras

It's always smart to have some extra "eyes" on your facility, especially overnight or when there aren't a lot of people around, according to Durham Fence & Guardrail. Today's cameras low-cost and easy to install, and they can also help you either spot hazards before they arise or unravel the particulars of a crime after the fact.

8) Upgrade your alarm system

Finally, if you don't have an alarm system, or you're just using one that's years or even decades old, now might be the time for an upgrade, Durham Fence & Guardrail added. A little extra investment on this front will provide you with additional security at a dollar value that makes sense.

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