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6 cleaning tips for your factory

In the world of manufacturing, you may not like to believe anything is compromising your efficiency. That tendency could lead you to prioritize other tasks over cleaning your facility. Everyone in the industry has likely been in a factory that isn't exactly sparkling clean, but what you may not realize is clutter and disorganization can set you back in a number of ways.

The following suggestions will help you get a better handle on your factory cleaning efforts, which will boost your operations overall:

1) Clean (and maintain) the machines

Alongside the people who actually work for you, there is nothing more important to your manufacturing company than the machines you use to produce your goods — so you have to take proper care of them, according to Corporate Clean Services. Scheduling planned downtime on a regular basis to clean and maintain the various components of your production machines will go a long way toward ensuring they keep working as best they can.

2) Dig in on production and assembly surfaces

Along similar lines, if you have any spaces where the goods you produce are assembled, it's a good idea to keep them extremely clean, so that everything you ship out is of the best possible quality, Corporate Clean Services said. In today's world of online reviews, even a single unhappy customer or client can put a bigger-than-expected hurt on your business, so your cleaning efforts should absolutely extend to the assembly and packaging areas of your facility.

3) Move the machines the spit out byproduct

If you have production machines that create byproduct like sawdust or other particulate materials that can settle on products (or people), it can be a good idea to sequester them, according to Ready Machinery Movers. That way, residue won't contaminate or otherwise dirty your facility.

4) Get the right equipment

Of course, you may be very diligent about basic-level cleaning, but that might not be enough to really keep your factory as clean as you need it to be, Ready Machinery Movers. This means that you should have a power washer and other similar equipment on hand to give your toughest surfaces the deep clean they may need from time to time. It's all well and good to sweep and mop once every few days, but sometimes you just need to go deeper.

5) Make your layout cleaning-friendly

As mentioned, sequestering machines that produce a good amount of debris is a good idea, but it's also important to ensure all your equipment is easily accessible for both basic and in-depth cleaning, according to Square Inch. That may require you to change the layout of your factory floor a bit, but that small one-time effort will be worth it.

6) Train your staff

You train your staff for many different tasks or procedures that help in the production or shipping process, so you should do the same when it comes to effective cleaning, Square Inch added. A little extra direction on this front will help ensure that all cleaning is done properly.

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