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5 ways to review your hiring processes

In any business, your goal in the hiring process is typically to bring someone aboard who will stick around with your company for many years to come. Of course, it doesn't always work out that way, and that can be true for a number of different reasons. One reason you can't accept, however, is that your hiring process isn't ideal.

While you may not always be able to make the perfect hire every single time you have a job opening, you should always strive to get the most out of this process, and that starts with a thorough review of everything you do or don't do well. The following considerations should help you improve these processes so your next hire is your best yet:

1) Prioritize speed

First and foremost, you need to recognize that in the manufacturing industry today, the best candidates will be off the job market almost as soon as they enter it, according to Business News Daily. With that in mind, aim to post a job listing and then have that position filled within just a couple of weeks or so. That way, you're not operating shorthanded and you're moving at the pace of the larger market.

2) Think about your listing quality

The first key to actually attracting top talent to apply to your listing is to make sure the post itself is really strong, Business News Daily added. When you are clearly laying out what you're looking for, what the job entails, and details like compensation and benefits, you're most likely to have success in connecting with ideal candidates.

3) How much do you look at technical skills?

In an industry like manufacturing, technical skills are highly important to the job, so you would be wise to make sure you're evaluating all candidates on that level, according to the Harvard Business Review. This may include testing of some kind, which could be a turnoff for certain candidates, but it's better to ensure someone has the technical proficiency than just trusting that their experience has set them up for success in this specific role.

4) Asking the right questions

No one understands the job you've listed better than you do, so you should know all the best questions to ask interviewees to ensure they fully align with what you're looking for, the Harvard Business Review recommended. Truly honing in on what makes a person uniquely suited for an open role will help you separate the actual ideal candidates from those who would be merely acceptable in this role.

5) Get feedback from interviewees

Finally, it's important to note that you can't always do a good job of evaluating your own hiring procedures objectively, and for that reason, you should ask interviewees what they liked or didn't like about the process, according to Yello. Making this a standard process should give you a good idea of an outsider's view of what you are doing well and areas you can improve, so your next hiring effort goes better than the last one.

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