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6 ways to stay cool in your manufacturing job

Spring is here but the beautiful weather won't last for too long before summer heat starts to creep into the forecast, and that might be unwelcome news for people who work in industrial settings. Simply put, when the temperature rises, certain parts of manufacturing facilities can become difficult to work in comfortably.

However, that doesn't mean you can't stop working, so you have to take steps to protect your body and make sure you keep working at a high level. The following tips should help you do both with ease:

1) Know the warning signs

First and foremost, you should know the symptoms of overexertion, heat stroke and similar heat-related health conditions — and react appropriately, according to PGE. If you or a coworker are experiencing any of these issues, take action immediately.

2) Drink plenty of fluids

A great way to head off a lot of the symptoms that come with heat-related health issues is to make sure you're hydrated throughout the day, PGE said. Always have a bottle of water around and take a few swigs every 15 or 20 minutes. Your body will hold up to even tough conditions much better as a result, and that will enable you to work more effectively and safely.

3) Wear something light but protective

While you of course need to keep safety in mind when it comes to how you dress in a factory setting, you also need to make sure your clothing is breathable, according to For Construction Pros. Long sleeves and the like will probably remain a must, but you should try to dress for staying cool.

4) Don't push yourself right away

If you arrive to work on any given day and the factory feels uncomfortably warm, it's important to make sure you have time to adjust, For Construction Pros added. While your body can certainly acclimate itself, it can't necessarily do so right away. As such, you should take a little while to ease into the swing of your shift instead of over-exerting yourself.

5) Take time if you need it

Along similar lines, if you start to feel like you're really struggling due to the temperature or humidity in the facility, feel free to take a few minutes, according to Airmatic. Retreat to a cooler part of the building or otherwise find a way to take some of the physical pressure off your body. It might only take a few minutes to reset yourself, but make sure you're fully ready to return to your normal duties.

6) Rely on fans or A/C whenever you can

Finally, you will likely have options when it comes to cooling, and that includes repositioning air conditioning vents or fans to suit your needs, according to Airmatic. Here, too, even a few minutes in front of them will probably help you regulate your body temperature and ensure you're not pushing yourself too hard, so aim to rely on these options anytime they're needed.

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