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9 tips to start spring-cleaning your factory

Spring is a time many people will really start going to work cleaning their homes, and you should be doing the same thing when it comes to your manufacturing facility. Simply put, this kind of building can become incredibly dirty over time, in ways that often escape notice, and now is the time to get granular with your cleaning efforts.

The following tips should help:

1) Make sure everyone knows how important cleaning is

One thing you don't want to have happen is that your cleaning efforts are undermined by workers who are not putting in their full effort, according to Manufacturing Tomorrow. Before you begin, make clear why it's happening and how important it is to not only your operations, but also your employees' safety and comfort on the job.

2) Rearrange for reduced travel

When you're cleaning up, make sure your current layout is suitable to your needs, Manufacturing Tomorrow noted. As your organization has changed over the past year or so, old processes may not be as physically efficient as they used to be.

3) Ensure workers are proactive about addressing or reporting problems

Make clear to your employees that cleaning is everyone's job, not just during this effort, but on an ongoing basis, Manufacturing Tomorrow cautioned. They need to be proactive about reporting or cleaning up spills, overflowing garbage cans and so on, so your company continues to succeed.

4) Clean your machines — and then set a schedule

Ideally, your production machines and all other pieces of equipment in your facility get a good cleaning on a regular basis, but if that's not really the case, now's the time to enact that plan, according to Stelray Plastic Products. A good deep clean will go a long way initially; if you follow up every few months, the work becomes easier.

5) Stock up on cleaning supplies

If your employees don't have all the right cleaning supplies on demand, you can't reasonably expect them to keep up with their tasks on this front, Stelray Plastic Products added. As such, you need to make sure your supply closet is well stocked, both now and going forward.

6) Ensure workers have PPE

Along similar lines, any cleaning products that are potentially hazardous to the people using them (or working around them) need to be accounted for, Stelray Plastic Products further advised. And, just like any other risk in your facility, you need to provide the right PPE for those workers.

7) Inspect and maintain all parts of the facility

Along similar lines to making sure your machines with moving parts are properly cleaned, it's also a good idea to ensure all equipment gets a once-over during this process, according to MAGNET. Check for wear and tear on things like shelving, flooring, walls, loading bay doors and more.

8) Keep the space organized

Over time, things may be put somewhere they don't belong, but no one notices or corrects the problem, MAGNET said. As such, this is a great time to make sure everything is stored exactly where it should be.

9) Train workers for cleanliness

Finally, just as you train workers for normal manufacturing processes, you should do the same for cleaning, MAGNET warned. This is often as much a safety issue as it is aesthetic.

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