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8 tips to improve manufacturing efficiency

In the manufacturing industry, efficiency is everything, and that concept can take on plenty of forms as you go through your normal processes. With that in mind, your company should always position itself to examine its processes and ensure efficiency is the key driver of every decision being made throughout the year.

Here are some ways to get everything properly positioned for long-term success:

1) Examine what you're wasting

One of the biggest issues when it comes to inefficiency in cost is that your manufacturing processes almost certainly end with you leaving some wasted materials unused, according to the Eagle Group. However, you don't have to take it as a given that this is just "the cost of doing business," and may want to examine new ways to reappropriate leftover material.

2) Train, train, train

There are many ways in which training for your employees helps with efficiency, but perhaps most important of these is the ability to make sure everyone has the skills and direction to get their jobs done seamlessly, the Eagle Group advised. This is also true of safety training, which can keep your processes running smoothly.

3) Look at your entire workflow

From the first few seconds raw materials come into your facility to the moment finished products are shipped out, there are many ways you may be able to uncover operational efficiency, according to Modern Machine Shop. Therefore, it's vital to make sure you are able to take both a holistic look at your operations and also get into the finer details.

4) Invest in equipment

If it's been a few years or more since you last made a significant investment in manufacturing equipment, it might be time to take that plunge once again, Modern Machine Shop added. Especially if your processes are relying on decades-old equipment, the right investment could pay for itself in short order thanks to increased efficiency.

5) Craft a more active maintenance schedule

Along similar lines, it can be wise to become more proactive about maintenance of the various machines under your roof, Modern Machine Shop cautioned. That way, you both avoid breakdown risk and ensure those devices continue to operate at the peak of their performance.

6) Standardize processes

While everyone has their own preferred way of getting their work done, you can't let that happen when it comes to your production processes in particular, according to Ebuzz Net. When all the people under your roof use all your machines and follows through on their various job-related tasks in more or less the same way, you can enable greater efficiency.

7) Find areas to automate

Over time, you may find there are some aspects of your processes that can be automated in whole or in part, and identifying them can be a big value add for your company and individual workers, Ebuzz Net said. With the slightest process automations, you may be able to unlock a large number of man-hours that were previously consumed by tedious tasks.

8) Never settle

Even if you do all of the above things and feel like you're in a good place efficiency-wise, that doesn't mean you're guaranteed to be at peak efficiency forever, Ebuzz Net noted. Instead, you should be prepared to examine how you're doing with all these efforts on an ongoing basis.

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