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8 reasons a new security system helps your factory

If you have been thinking about improving your manufacturing facility's security systems in recent months, you have likely been weighing the potential cost of such an effort versus what you need and what the upgrade provides.

Fortunately, when you take this kind of step, there are a wide variety of benefits, some of them obvious, but you may not have considered the following:

1) Resolve and discover disputes within the workplace

When you have a comprehensive security system that monitors your facility on an ongoing basis, you likely gain insights into a litany of behaviors and incidents, according to AvertX. When just about any type of issue arises, the odds are you can go back and review exactly what happened.

2) Reduce risk of "inside job" theft

While you might be mostly concerned with stopping outsiders from committing property crime against you, the fact is that you're probably more likely to be victimized by an employee, AvertX added. For that reason, just installing new video cameras can do enough to deter employees from bad behavior.

3) Gather evidence when needed

Depending on what kinds of investments you make, you can get to the bottom of crimes in a number of ways, according to Smart Security Pros. Again, security cameras provide one layer of protection, but you can also gain insights into who went where in your facility, and when, with a badge system to unlock doors.

4) Prevent unauthorized parties from accessing secure areas

Even if you don't install a high-tech badge door-lock system, there are other types of locks that can protect data and physical items, Smart Security Pros noted. For instance, a keypad lock, or just a standard lock with keys distributed to employees who need the right access, can go a long way as well.

5) Potentially reduce insurance costs

When you have a high-tech security system in place, you may be able to work with your insurer to cut premiums, Smart Security Pros further advised. After all, you are proactively reducing risk of theft and other problems, and therefore might be able to see that reflected in your monthly insurance bills.

6) Keep an eye on maintenance issues

A great video security system provides extra sets of eyes where you or your employees might not be at any given moment, according to USI Integrated Solutions. For that reason, you may be able to spot when it's time to replace light bulbs or attend to other maintenance issues that arise in the normal course of business.

7) Get a conspicuous crime deterrent

Often, property crimes like theft and vandalism aren't planned; they're crimes of opportunity, USI Integrated Solutions warned. Consequently, if a potential thief spots a security camera in a well-lit area, or there's a fence between them and the building, they may think twice — or not at all — about committing the crime.

8) Save money on security

Many companies invest in security guards, and that's a large ongoing expense that might be reduced or eliminated with a great security system in place, USI Integrated Solutions said. Everyone's needs are different, but you might want to do a cost-benefit analysis in this area to really see the value.

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