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5 things every factory needs

When you run a manufacturing facility, you likely know that your workers are only as effective as the tools they are provided with to get the job done on an ongoing basis. For that reason, you need to make sure you have the latest and greatest when it comes to various types of equipment that enable a great, efficient production process that continually churns out the highest-quality products possible.

The following are must-haves when it comes to this issue, and you need to make sure your facility is fully invested in all of them:

1) Lifting tools

First and foremost, you should always strive to make sure your workers are putting minimal strain on their bodies by providing them with a variety of equipment to lift and carry heavy items in larger quantities, according to Medusa Magazine. These range from simple dollies to forklifts, and everything in between, all of which helps get larger loads around your factory floor with greater ease and safety.

2) Tracking technology

Whenever possible, you should be aiming to track every bit of activity on your shop floor, Medusa Magazine added. If you can keep tabs on where workers are, how equipment moves and what your inventory looks like — all in real time — you may be able to find areas of inefficiency that you can smooth out quickly and easily with a new strategy.

3) Measurement tools

In the world of manufacturing, precision is everything, and your workers need to be able to accurately measure everything they produce, according to Absolute Machine. For that reason, all kinds of tools that help them do so — including the simple use of calipers — will go a long way toward increasing your quality control and otherwise making sure everything is going as expected on the factory floor.

4) Scientific calculators

You may expect your workers to be able to quickly and easily calculate complicated equations multiple times throughout the day, but they may not always have easy access to a computer to do so, Absolute Machine said. Simply put, your workers will often have to use a calculator to figure out the sine, cosine or tangent of certain numbers, and you can't expect them to do that math in their heads quickly and easily. Don't make them go hunting for a calculator; they should have one of their own on their person at all times.

5) Precision machining tools

It should go without saying that great production equipment is needed in your facility, but even the best processes will occasionally spit out a product that isn't exactly up to specifications, according to Thomas. Give your workers the ability to fix what's wrong with a product whenever possible, through the use of high-quality precision machining equipment.

6) Safety gear

Finally, it's worth noting that workers need to feel safe in a potentially dangerous manufacturing facility, and great safety equipment is vital to squaring that circle. Make sure they not only have easy access to it, but also that they know how to use it properly.

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