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7 tips for increasing security at your facility

When you manage a manufacturing facility, the safety of your workers and security of your products, equipment and more should be your utmost concern. For that reason, you may need to be a bit more proactive about boosting your current security and maintaining a higher posture going forward.

How can you do it? The following tips should help: 

1) Take a holistic look

There are a lot of potential threats out there, but it's important to prioritize those that put your facility at the most realistic risk, according to Alarm Systems Inc. The more you can do to understand what those potential hazards are, the more you can do to minimize those risks on an ongoing basis.

2) Keep access limited

One of the easiest ways to reduce the odds of theft or potential harm for your employees or facility is to make sure access to the building, and each room within it, is more tightly controlled, Alarm Systems Inc., advised. When only a limited number of people can get into a given area, you have more of an understanding and insight into the most obvious risks.

3) Use 24/7 monitoring

Modern technology has been a boon for physical security because you can get an alert sent right to your smartphone every time a door is opened or a motion detector is set off, Alarm Systems Inc. noted. That way, you're never caught unawares by a potential threat and have the ability to react appropriately at a moment's notice.

4) Understand your digital risk factors

Of course, deterring real-world crime or accidents can be something of a set-it-and-forget-it proposition, insofar as if you put up a fence, install high-tech locks and use a video monitoring system, you're deterring a lot of the potential risk. But according to Manufacturing Technology Insights, that's only part of the picture. In addition to physical risk factors, you need to understand how exposed your business may be online.

5) Keep the IIoT in mind

One aspect of digital security that has certainly evolved in recent years is the internet of things — a network of many connected devices that are likely under your roof right now, Manufacturing Technology Insights added. Unfortunately, many "smart" devices are relatively easy for hackers to crack and, potentially, gain access to your network. You must be careful about incorporating such devices into your operations.

6) Stay on high alert for online threats

While you can set up any number of digital defenses to protect your data, new threats are always being introduced, according to New Equipment Digest. For that reason, you should be aware of evolving risks and react appropriately.

7) Train your employees properly

Whether you're worried about physical security or data protection, you have to make sure your employees aren't inadvertently creating vulnerabilities you can't control, New Equipment Digest said. A little bit of training about how to maintain a proper security posture will typically go a long way toward ensuring everything is as safe as possible going forward.

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