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5 things you should train manufacturing employees for


5 things you should train manufacturing employees for

When you run a manufacturing business, it's important that your workers have the will and skill to continually pull in the same direction and strive for greater organizational success. The question many managers may have, then, is how they can do that as quickly and easily as possible. The answer is training, and specifically, training for the skills your company needs each worker to bring to the table.

Here are just a few of the most commonly sought-after employee skills in the industry today:

1) Critical thinking and problem solving

Workers generally don't like to be micro-managed, and many managers don't like having to do it - so these twin skills are a perfect teaching vector, according to Convergence Training. If workers know how to solve problems on their own, they don't have to come to a manager every time they have a question or concern, making life easier for everyone involved - and ensuring the job gets done right.

2) Effective communication

Along similar lines to critical thinking and problem solving, communication is critical to success because it helps obviate issues that might be complicated, Convergence Training added. Especially in manufacturing settings where some issues are extremely complex, the ability of any worker to quickly and easily detail what's going on can not only save time, it can also increase safety. That, in turn, helps keep the company on a strong footing.

3) Digital fluency

At this point, many manufacturing processes are at least somewhat reliant on computer programs and workers obviously need to be able to use them to do their jobs effectively, according to Tulip. However, there's a difference between knowing how to use a given program or two, and being digitally fluent to the point that it becomes easier to "pick up" new software when necessary. As such, companies should invest in getting workers more comfortable with computers overall.

4) Teamwork and relationship building

Any company-wide training effort is intended to help improve individual workers' skill sets so they can, in turn, help improve the company as a whole, Tulip advised. The ability of those employees to work together effectively and cultivate strong, lasting relationships with each other is something that can pay off significantly, both on a social and professional basis. As such, it's a good idea to make team-building a common part of your training efforts. 

5) Basic math skills

While many people may not think of it - even if they work in the manufacturing business - basic math (as it relates to production processes) is an important skill to have built into their professional skills, according to Purdue University's Manufacturing Extension Partnership. While many people in the industry specialized in math or science in college, it's nonetheless important to brush up on those skills and flex their mental muscles. Then, over time, you can slowly ramp up your lessons to either include more advanced math or show how the previous training ties into what the company does.

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