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5 ways you can make your factory more secure


5 ways you can make your factory more secure

Security should be front of mind for any business owner, but that may be especially true in manufacturing. Why? For one thing, your facility might be home to large amounts of valuable raw materials and finished products, but there can be particular risk if those things are in any way hazardous.

Consequently, you may need to do more to make sure your facility is fully secured with increased physical security on an ongoing basis. The following steps will likely help:

1) Understand your risks

First and foremost, you should conduct a security assessment that will allow you to identify any potential weak spots in your current operations, according to Broadsword Security Services. Having an expert look over what you do today and tell you what's being done correctly - as well as areas where you will have to improve - will give you insight into the right course of action going forward.

2) Brighten it up

One of the best ways to increase both security and safety is to make sure all areas of your property are well-lit, Broadsword Security Services advised. Increased visibility will make it easier for workers to do their jobs, for one thing, but for another, having plenty of lighting typically helps discourage illegal activity such as break-ins and theft. This may be a particularly good idea in your parking lots, as even though they're not part of your factory itself, it may help keep workers and their personal belongings safe.

3) Bring more locks to your facility

No company would operate without locks on its front door, so it doesn't make much sense that they would leave back doors, windows, fire exits and more unlocked as well, according to ISSM Protective Services. Not only ensuring your doors automatically lock from the inside when they're closed, but also installing more locks and security measures - even within your facilities - will help keep people from accessing areas they are not authorized to enter.

4) Silo off important sections

Along similar lines, it will often make sense for factories to have the proper robust security measures in place for certain areas of your site, ISSM Protective Services cautioned. For instance, if you do have hazardous materials on site on an ongoing basis, ensuring they are kept behind locked doors or cages is a great way to make sure no one can access them without the proper permission.

5) Keep tabs on entry and use

If you don't keep careful tabs on who comes and goes from your facility, you may be leaving a little bit of safety and security on the table, according to Armor Security. Something as simple as having visitors sign in and out of your facility may give you a better idea of who gains access to your site - and it might even be a wise to have that kind of tracking for the additional security areas within your facility as well.

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