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6 things to put on your factory cleaning checklist


6 things to put on your factory cleaning checklist

One aspect of an effective manufacturing operation that's overlooked all too often is that all-important need to keep your facility clean. Even small messes or unclean conditions can increase injury risk, decrease efficiency and otherwise make it more difficult for your workers to get their jobs done on a daily basis.

For that reason, it may be wise to take the following steps into consideration to make sure your facility remains as clean as possible every single day:

1) Create a physical checklist

First and foremost, it's important to ensure nothing in your staff's everyday cleaning duties end up being overlooked, and the best way to do that is to write all steps down, according to ServiceMaster Restore. Having a form to consult or even check off as they go will help your cleaning staff make sure they don't overlook anything and stay on task. That kind of extra layer of assurance could help boost your operations on an ongoing basis.

2) Do some things far more often than others

Of course, there are some aspects of cleaning that just don't have to be conducted daily, and others that might need to happen more than once per day, ServiceMaster Restore advised. For that reason, it's critical to have different checklists for each day of the week so that your workers will always know to dust on Fridays (for example) but empty the trash at least once per day.

3) Go "lean"

Lean manufacturing is always an important goal to pursue, but what you might not know is that experts recommend the same approach to cleaning, according to Reliable Plant. How do you achieve it? Look at it as a "war on waste," finding areas where you're cleaning too often - or not often enough - and right-sizing the amount of time and energy you're devoting to it. Especially with jobs you're not doing as frequently as you could, ignoring the issue for too long may mean even more work needs to be done later.

4) Go a layer deeper

Often, daily cleaning efforts are surface-level, Reliable Plant said. That may mean sweeping or mopping, clearing out trash and so on. However, on occasion, it might be important to really give floors and other surfaces a deep clean (such as with stronger cleaning substances or by hosing out an oft-used trash can).

5) Remember the break areas

Anywhere workers congregate on a daily basis has be cleaned often, and unfortunately, some manufacturers overlook common areas that aren't on the factory floor, according to The Budd Group. Whether that's the kitchen, a part of the outdoor grounds where workers hang out on nice days or otherwise spend break time, cleaning frequently is always a good idea.

6) Label your trash cans

Finally, it's wise to make sure whatever waste receptacles you have on site are being used as intended, The Budd Group added. For instance, if you have special containers that are only for hazardous waste, or the standard trash and recycling combo, something as simple as labeling them correctly will help reduce the number of times workers put the wrong things in there.

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