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5 ideas to improve your facility's maintenance schedule


5 ideas to improve your facility's maintenance schedule

Machines are the lifeblood of any manufacturing company. Without them, the actual production of your various offerings is difficult or impossible to achieve at any scale. For that reason, maintenance is a must in your factory, and that means having a solid plan to conduct it on a regular basis.

How can you get the most out of that effort? The following tips should help:

1) Make sure things are turned off when not in use

Simply put, when things are powered on, they cost you money and go through more wear and tear than you may realize, according to Camcode. All too often, whether it's a computer or machine used in production, they can be left on - if not actually running - when they're not in use, even overnight. That can necessitate more frequent need for maintenance or repairs, so you should impress upon your employees that these devices should be powered down, and you'll have an easier time with maintenance overall.

2) Swap out old equipment

Sometimes even the best and most effective maintenance programs aren't enough to keep older machines running at their previous peak efficiency, Camcode said. For that reason, you may need to be more proactive when it comes to making the decision to invest in new equipment rather than try to keep the older models going on their last legs. In the end, the trade-off between reduced efficiency and more repair or maintenance costs and the cost of a new addition will pay for itself quickly.

3) Keep better track of usage

While you may already have a maintenance schedule in place, you might not actually be doing enough to properly care for your production machinery, according to Reliable Plant. If you're not monitoring usage and performance of this equipment, your efforts might not go as far as they ought to - or take place as frequently as they should - to ensure they remain in top shape for longer periods of time.

4) Schedule regular tune-ups

In addition, it's not simply enough to address nascent problems with these machines' production rates, Reliable Plant noted. You would also be wise to make sure they are tinkered with regularly to ensure those problems don't crop up in the first place. Just like it's recommended that cars or trucks get regular tune-ups just to keep everything in good working order, your factory's machines should get the same attention.

5) Never deviate from your schedule

There may be many reasons why your company might want to delay maintenance - such as if you need to fulfill a big order in a short period of time - but you need to keep in mind that you made this schedule for a reason, according to ISG. You may feel like letting things slip a little when the situation demands it, but making maintenance non-negotiable is always a good idea.

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