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6 steps to better spring cleaning in your factory


6 steps to better spring cleaning in your factory

At a time when many companies are thinking more intently about what it takes to keep their facilities clean and disinfected, yours should be crafting and executing a plan to do so on an ongoing basis - even after the threat of coronavirus infection has passed. With all that in mind, it is critical that you enact the right approach as soon as possible.

The following tips should help you do just that:

1) Make a list of everything you need to clean

There are two ways to take this recommendation, and it's advisable to follow through on both of them, according to Cascade Building Services. First and foremost, you should know which areas of your facility need to be cleaned - and how often. But you also need to consider all the equipment and supplies you'll need to clean them as effectively as possible. Coming up with a master list now will pay off considerably.

2) Include maintenance as part of your plan

Just like cleaning is important, so too is maintenance, because in many cases, if you're not carefully checking that your equipment is in good shape, it can lead to serious risk and a potential mess, Cascade Building Services noted. Having regularly scheduled maintenance is always a good idea, but including checks in your cleaning efforts makes sure every fixture remains in good shape.

3) Start from the ground up

When you're thinking about what needs to be cleaned, you may often overlook the need to deep-clean your floors, according to Service Master Clean. That includes not just mopping concrete or tile, but also vacuuming and shampooing any rugs or carpets on occasion. Furthermore, it's always a good idea to patch any nicks or divots in hard floor as soon as they're spotted, to reduce tripping hazards.

4) Make sure the highest-touch areas get the most attention

There may be many parts of your facility that don't need to be cleaned every day or even every week, Service Master Clean added. But there are others that should be disinfected at least once a day, if not more often, when workers use them often and tend to handle them a lot. That goes for equipment as well.

5) Collect trash frequently

Simply put, you don't want a lot of garbage piling up around your factory or warehouse, according to Janitorial Manager. It poses a number of risks to workers - despite the fact that it can be collected and disposed of easily. Just like any other cleaning effort, there may be some areas where the trash can needs to be emptied more often than once a day, and taking that into account will help you avoid a pile-up.

6) Dusting is critical

Dust is a major concern in factory settings because there can be harmful materials that collect on high shelves, in corners and so on, Janitorial Manager advised. If you make dusting a critical part of cleaning schedule, you will be in a better position to both keep cleanliness and worker health at the highest possible level.

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