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6 tips to keep your factory clean


6 tips to keep your factory clean

Keeping a factory clean isn't just a good aesthetic choice - it also makes your facility safer and more productive. For that reason, it's probably a good idea to be a bit more proactive about cleanup efforts throughout your facility so you can go about the critical business of fulfilling all orders you receive in a more timely manner.

The following advice should help set you on the right path to a cleaner and more effective factory:

1) Start with a deep clean

If it's been awhile since you really gave your factory a good top-to-bottom scrub, now is the time to do it, according to Brushtec. This will help get you to a level of cleanliness you should always hope to achieve, especially because of how much dust, dirt, grime and gunk can build up in certain kinds of factories in short order. You don't have to make "sparkling clean" the goal, but it's certainly something to work toward.

2) Give employees a schedule

It's important that all involved in your work know what the basic schedule for cleaning is, so their workspace will always be ready for the cleaning professionals you have on staff, Brushtec said. For instance, if everyone knows their machines and the surrounding areas get a deeper clean on Mondays, they may be more likely to pick up after themselves ahead of that effort.

3) Set a standard for cleanliness

Along similar lines, it's good to let employees know what's expected of them when it comes to clean-ups, and what you're looking for as a baseline for clean work stations, break areas and so on, according to Food Engineering. When everyone is on the same page in terms of what's expected, it's far easier to maintain those standards long-term.

4) Make it someone's job to monitor the space

While you will likely have a cleaning crew on the payroll anyway, someone else should be in charge of at least monitoring the day-to-day cleanliness of various parts of your facility, Food Engineering added. That way, they can report issues as they arise - or address these problems themselves - so nothing is left to linger while the professional cleaners go about their other duties.

5) Make the simple stuff accessible

If employees are empowered to address spills and other cleaning issues themselves, everyone will have an easier time maintaining your desired standard, according to Bizfluent. That means keeping some basic cleaning supplies within a short distance, and encouraging workers to be more proactive about cleaning things themselves. By erasing the "it's someone else's problem" mindset from your factory, cleaning up becomes a critical team effort.

6) Make machine cleaning part of the routine

The machines you use to produce deliverables will likely get dirty more quickly than other parts of your factory, and cleaning them should be viewed as much as a maintenance issue as a cleanliness one, Bizfluent noted. As such, make sure any time these machines are being serviced, they also get a deeper-than-normal clean.

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