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5 skills every manufacturer wants in an applicant


5 skills every manufacturer wants in an applicant

The manufacturing industry has taken huge strides in the last several years and even now, hiring seems to continue unabated from one month to the next. With that in mind, more people are likely considering getting into the sector, but may not know what kinds of skills they need to bring to the table to succeed.

Here are five of the most in-demand skills for any manufacturing company:

1) Critical thinking

While manufacturing used to be about the ability to nail down one or two tasks and repeat it over and over all day long, that's not really the case in many factories anymore, according to Apple Rubber. Instead, companies want people who can think on their feet and get a good handle on the best ways to do their jobs on an ongoing basis. The ability to identify potentially more efficient or effective ways to get the job done is crucial to today's manufacturing market.

2) Teamwork and communication

Likewise, whereas it used to be easy for manufacturing employees to simply go about their own business because they were one cog in a larger machine, that's no longer the case either, Apple Rubber noted. Collaboration - and the ability to effectively communicate issues, needs and so on to others on the factory floor - is a must in modern manufacturing that makes everyone's jobs easier.

3) Listening

The ability to effectively communicate must also be offset by the ability to receive and process information as quickly as possible, then formulate new plans of actions based on what you've heard, according to the Twin Cities Pioneer Press. Some of this has to do with following instructions - after all, training sessions and manuals still provide crucial information - but it's also about being able to adapt to any work conditions as they arise.

4) STEM proficiency

It should go without saying that companies are looking for people who are good at math, science, using computers and the like, the Pioneer Press noted. Modern manufacturing entails a lot more science and math at the individual level than yesteryear, but that doesn't mean workers must be experts in advanced math or understand high-level science to succeed. Much of it can be learned on the job, but it's good to come in with solid understanding of the basics as well.

5) Attention to detail

Finally, one skill every company wants from an employee is the ability to spot potential issues before they become big problems, according to Software Advice. Getting the finer things right - and therefore recognize when even little issues are amiss - is usually a much sought-after skill.

Of course, every manufacturing job is different in many ways, but the underlying skills that make anyone successful in the industry - especially at the entry level - are broadly applicable. With that in mind, brushing up on these skills as best you can before seeking manufacturing work will help you stand out from the crowd and potentially ensure a longer, more successful career.

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