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5 reasons you should prioritize employee training


5 reasons you should prioritize employee training

Many companies would love to make the best possible start to the new year, but may not know exactly how to pursue such a goal. While there's no single answer for every business, an approach that is likely to work for just about all of them is investing more time, money and effort into training.

Doing so can potentially improve numerous aspects of your operations, and the benefits include the following:

1) Well-trained employees are more engaged

Boosting worker engagement doesn't mean just trying to make employees show up to work every day and get the job done, nor does it entail 100% worker satisfaction, according to Autodesk. This is part of the idea that people believe in your company and their coworkers, and will all be more likely to pull in the same direction. Giving them training is an implicit way of saying you believe in them and want to see them be their best professional selves, and people really appreciate that investment.

2) It makes workers more productive

Not only are more engaged workers more productive, but training also makes them better at their jobs by emphasizing skills you need from every employee, Autodesk added. That way, when you're introducing more processes or simply trying to improve your organizational approach overall, you know your employees will be well-positioned to tackle whatever you throw at them.

3) You can train for just about any skill

People may think of worker training as solely being about acquiring new skills to do their current jobs more effectively , but there's more to it than that, according to eLearning Industry. You can train for hard skills, like navigating complex computer programs or the best methods for doing a certain job-related task, but you can also train on soft skills like communication, teamwork and critical thinking. These can be just as valuable for workers as they are for your company as a whole.

4) Training improves talent retention

When people are more engaged, productive and armed with plenty of skills, the likelihood that they look for greener pastures elsewhere drops precipitously, eLearning Industry noted. It may cost you more than you realize - in terms of both time and money - to lose talent and have to replace it, so training to boost engagement and confidence provides a significant return on investment. 

5) It increases workplace safety

Much like many other training approaches, training around best practices for workplace safety comes with a lot of hidden benefits, according to MFasco Health + Safety. People who feel safer at work are happier, certainly, but a cleaner safety record on the shop floor will also help keep all aspects of your operations up and running, and reduce the chances key personnel miss time due to a workplace accident.

For all these reasons and more, taking a little bit of time and money out of your current operations to devote to training a better workforce can provide a huge positive return in the short- and long terms.

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