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5 ways to get more from your manufacturing workforce


5 ways to get more from your manufacturing workforce

One of the most effective ways to make your factory more efficient and, in doing so, improve your bottom line is to ensure your employees are giving it their all. However, this isn't always easy, as anyone who has been in business for several years or more likely knows all too well.

So what can manufacturing managers do to get just a little bit more out of their workers? The following tips should help them unlock the secret:

1) Keep them happy and engaged

Worker engagement varies from worker satisfaction, and getting both is the key to an effective overall approach, according to Beekeeper. An employee can be perfectly happy in their role without putting a ton of effort into it every day, and a different employee can put in a lot of effort but still dislike their jobs. As such, you need to be able to address those shortcomings on an ongoing basis so no one slips through the cracks.

2) Give them a bigger say

Among the best ways to boost engagement and satisfaction is by not simply dictating to employees what they need to do regularly, or telling them to accept things as-is, Beekeeper said. For instance, if you listen to and act on what workers have to say about their job processes or some of the things surrounding their work environment (i.e. the break room needs a new refrigerator) they are far more likely to feel like they're part of a unit.

3) Improve communication

On the whole, it's vital for management to make communication a two-way street, not only doing more to listen to workers' concerns or suggestions, but also ensuring those employees fully understand what the organization wants or needs from them, according to Red E App. Any effort to clear up potential ambiguity can go a long way toward improving efficiency and ensuring no time is spent trying to figure out what to do in any given situation.

4) Support career development

While some employees may be content to occupy the same role for years at a time, those who are more interested in climbing the corporate ladder should be supported in any ways that are reasonable for your company, Red E App said. For instance, if additional training is required for them to get a certification that can unlock new possibilities, giving them paid time off to do so - or even paying for those training sessions - will likely provide a big return on investment. That's true not only when it comes to employee engagement, but also because they'll be more likely to stick around and provide more value for you.

5) Keep them safe

Everyone knows employee safety should be the paramount concern of any manufacturer, but even that knowledge sometimes isn't enough to keep things from occasionally slipping, according to Maker's Row. For that reason, it's important to take safety as seriously as possible, giving employees a say and a role in upholding standards that ensure there are no accidents in the workplace.

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