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Commitment to Safety

ResourceMFG is committed to preventing work-related injuries and illnesses and to minimize for our employees the physical and economic impact of injuries or illnesses. Our risk management objectives are achieved through:

  • Developing and implementing risk management policies and procedures.
  • Conducting continuing education and training for our staff in the area of risk management.
  • Practicing proper selection and partnering with our clients to eliminate employee exposure to injury and illness.
  • Practicing proper hiring, orientation and training procedures, as well as ensuring adequate supervision of our employees.
  • Obtaining prompt, competent medical treatment for our injured employees.
  • Enforcing aggressive return to work programs to accommodate our injured or ill employees.
  • Conducting a branch evaluation program to ensure compliance with the risk management guidelines.

Over the past seven years, the recordable incident rate has decreased 52% while the cost-per-hour has decreased 40%.

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