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General Information

Available Positions

  • General Labor

    Location: Youngstown, OH Base Pay: 17.00 per HOUR

    ResourceMFG Now Hiring In Youngstown OH

    3rd shift 6pm-6am


    • 1. Visual Inspection- Visually check pipes for flaws while walking up and down the aisle
      2. NDT Machine (Non Destructive Testing) Use magnetic and ultrasonic waves to inspect the inside of pipe
      3. SEA- (Special end area) This is where the last few feet of the pipes are inspected closely
      4. Prove Up- TFinal stage of inspection process where repairs are made by grinding and measuring thickness
      5. Paint Station- Change paint colors or fill up paint when low

      Job Requirements:

    • Great attendance is needed.
      Must be able to work up to 12 hours a day for at least 6 straight days.
      Must be able to alternate between day shift and night shift, 


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  • Forklift Driver

    Location: Clinton, PA Base Pay: 15.00 Per Hour

    ResourceMFG Now Hiring in Clinton PA 

    1st shift 830am-5pm

    $ 15.00 Per Hour

    Warehouse Job Duties:

    • Receive and process ware.
    • Maintain an accurate account of inventory.
    • Fulfill orders.
    • Prepare billing processes for warehouse and drop ship orders.
    • Maintain efficient and orderly warehouse.

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  • Machine Operators

    Location: Greenville, PA Base Pay: 12.00 per HOUR

    ResourceMFG Now Hiring in Greenville PA

    1st 7am-3pm

    2nd 3pm-11pm

    Paying 12 

    • Reviewing job orders to make the right adjustments to the printing machine
    • Installing parts and supplies such as ink rollers, screens, printing plates and stencils according to the job specifications and blueprints
    • Testing inks and paints on the printing surface to determine suitability
    • Handling production of the printed materials, including the printing and racking process, to ensure it meets the specifications and is ready on schedule
    • Performing maintenance tasks on the printing machine
    • Troubleshooting equipment issues such as creaking noises, etc.
    • Cleaning the printing press and peripherals

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  • Machine Operator

    Location: New Wilmington, PA Base Pay: 14.00 per HOUR

    ResourceMFG Now hiring and 3rd Shift New Wilmington Pa! and West Middlesex!

    Weekly Pay $ 14.00 an hour

    2nd shift 3pm-1am

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    1. Load cheese for packaging machines.

    2. Construct boxes and pack product in boxes.

    3. Remove packaging material from rejected cheese and ready cheese for repackaging.

    4. Inspect product and packaging for foreign material and imperfections. If found, segregate suspect product. Rerun product through metal detector and if unacceptable, document vat number and inform supervisor.

    5. Perform cleaning procedures within the packaging area.

    6. Maintain work areas in a neat and orderly fashion.

    7. Assist in other production areas as required. 8. Minimize water usage and the generation of wastewater within the scope of the position.

    9. GMP’s and work in a manner consistent with all corporate and regulatory quality and sanitation requirements.

    10. Follow all safety regulations.

    11. Perform related duties as required.


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  • Assembly Associate

    Location: Steubenville, OH Base Pay: 14.00 per HOUR

    ResourceMFG Now Hiring In CLINTON PA!

    1st 715am-345pm Mon- Friday Pay 14.00

    2nd 4pm-1230am Mon-Friday 14.50

    Monday- Friday

    • Quickly and efficiently assemble components, which can include but not limited to capping bottles, repacking bottles and/or building kits of multiple components to ensure production levels are maintained
    • May work individually or as part of an assembly line to complete the process, in which case must communicate with other team members on the production line to ensure speed and accuracy to meet established metrics
    • Accurately record daily production with limited use of company ERP system
    • Inform supervisors of any part or equipment defects to ensure prompt response to the problem
    • Maintain an efficient and orderly production room while following all company and facility safety policies, procedures, and guidelines and immediately reporting potentially hazardous situations
    • Support branch metrics to drive customer 

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  • General Labor

    Location: Sharon, PA Base Pay: 13.00 Per Hour

    ResourceMFG Now Hiring In Sharon Pa

    2nd 245pm-11:15pm

    3rd 1045pm-7:15am

    Pay $13

    • Set up Saliva Ejector Line / Injection Mold Machine, in accordance with instructions on production sheets.
    • Operate Saliva Ejector Line with constant attention to metering equipment, improving run speeds, product quality, and decrease scrap when possible.
    • Check quality of Saliva Ejector Products.
    • Assemble packaging materials, keep accurate counts of cases and boxes and stack finished product onto a pallet, while maintaining constant attention to Saliva Ejector Line.
    • Fill color bins (Saliva Ejector Machines and Injection Molders) and change bagger rolls as required.
    • Check quality of Injected Molded tips; empty carousel of full bins and replace with clean empty bins, put full bins to their proper locations.

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  • Pack/RePack

    Location: Warren, OH Base Pay: 12.00 Per Hour

    ResourceMFG has immediate openings for Packers In Warren OH

    1st 7am-330pm

    Work with team to accurately

    package a wide variety of dry food items such as nuts,

    dried fruits, seeds, and candies. 

    Additional Duties:

    • Scooping
    • Weighing
    • Labeling
    • Package
    • Maintain clean work areas


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