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General Information

Available Positions

  • Laser Operator

    Location: Houston, TX Base Pay: 16.00 per HOUR

    Laser Machine Operator • Perform typical laser cutting operations. • Select proper cutting programs, and proper fixtures. • Make proper set-ups for cutting operations. • Perform prescribed maintenance as required. • Perform all dimensional inspections. • Detect and report defective materials or questionable conditions to the supervisor. • May perform a variety of other tasks as production needs require.

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  • Grinder

    Location: Houston, TX Base Pay: 14.00 per HOUR

    Night shift – Hours 2:30 – 11:00pm • Set up and run various surface grinders. • Must have experience grinding metals such as carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel. • Set up and operate a time saver machine and costa to meet manufacturer specifications. ( training will be provided ) • Grind and smooth rough areas of each piece to ensure no sharp edges. • Inspect finished pieces for quality control • Follow all safety procedures and company policies • Lift or move heavy objects • Work in awkward positions for long periods of time • Perform repetitive motions • 1+ years of professional grinding experience (preferred)

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  • Machine Operator

    Location: Houston, TX Base Pay: 14.00 per HOUR

    Night Shift - Hours 2:30 – 11:00pm – Rate $13-14 • Must be able to operate a drill mill, roller machine and various electrical tools such as drills and grinders. • Cut pipe and channels to lengths needed for production during the week and fabricate machined parts. • Operate various metal cutting and forming machines, which require using different measuring tools. • Operate forklifts moving material in manufacturing plant and warehouse. • Read blueprints and drawings and take or read measurements to plan layout and procedures. • Knowledge in drilling and tap holes in all sizes. • Lift or move heavy objects. • Work in awkward positions for a long period. • Handle and hold heavy welding guns. • Perform repetitive motions. • Lift or move heavy objects • Work in awkward positions for long periods of time • Perform repetitive motions

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  • Structural Fitter

    Location: Humble, TX Base Pay: $18.00/Hourly

    Assembles and fits to drawing dimensions of all kinds of structural, plate and mechanical materials into
    all types of assemblies. Must be proficient in the full skills of the trade.
    ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.
    ? Receives instructions, prints, sketches and work orders.
    ? Reads and interprets blueprints and plans the fitting operation.
    ? Directs and assists in handling and spreading of material, assembling material into required
    relationships according to detail drawings; handling and placing detail material in assembly,
    placing bolts, drift pins and other fastening deceives in proper locations.
    ? Lays out work lines or fits up jigs for positioning material when required; checks, squares,
    and scribes all detail connections.
    ? Responsible for work conforming to drawings and notes thereon.
    ? Cleans up material by grinding or chipping.
    ? Burns and tack welds for assembly purposes. Burns, copes and bevels and straightens
    material. Does minor layout.
    ? Spot paints for identification marks.
    ? Maintain clean and organized work area.

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  • Machine Operator

    Location: Humble, TX Base Pay: $18.00/Hourly

    SUMMARY Form material by operation of CNC machines and equipment such as Plasma Arc, NC Punch Plasma, Beam Line Machine, Beam Punch Operator and NC Angle Master. Also operates machines under HMO B and C classification. Understands and works with machine programs. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES • Layout, read, interpret blueprints, shop drawings and other company documents. • Operates heavy steel fabrication machinery according to company requirement. • Load and unload equipment with material manually and through the use of an overhead crane or magnet. • Perform daily preventative maintenance. • Troubleshoot, properly mark and stamp materials. • Perform daily cleaning of machines. • Locate parts and supplies for machine operation and grind material. • Other duties may be assigned.

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  • Fitter

    Location: Houston, TX Base Pay: $24.00/Hourly

    A Fitter will be responsible for fitting, fabricating, and assembling the structural components that make up assemblies such as stair rails, stringers, ladders, ladder cages and other light structural items. A Fitter will be responsible for interpreting complex mechanical drawings and assembling structural components based on the drawings. They will be required to weld and to utilize various tools to accomplish this task. They will be required to ensure that the product is built in accordance with all applicable fabrication standards.

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  • EVG Machine Operator

    Location: Channelview, TX Base Pay: 20.00/Hourly

    Hours: Must be able to work both 2nd and 3rd shifts 2nd shift 3:30 pm - 11:00 pm 3rd Shift 11:00 pm - 7:00 am PRIMARY FUNCTION: Load slit coil onto payoff racks and monitor coil payoff while running, insuring smooth and steady operation. Unloads finished product and moves to designated staging areas. Threads, cuts, matches ends and welds coil ends. TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT: Wire and slit coil handling equipment, coil feed equipment, shears, off load devices, auxiliary equipment, operating controls, burning welding tools, various hand tools, measuring devices, and miscellaneous handling equipment. MATERIALS: Coils of steel rod or strip of various gauges and sizes required to manufacture steel grating. WORKING PROCEDURE: 1. Assists operator in making set-ups as required. 2. Observes incoming material, monitors coil feed process, manipulates controls as required and advises Operator in event of malfunction or material problems. 3. Loads welder with slit coil using fork trucks, coil grippers and other appropriate material handling equipment. 4. Monitors run out equipment, shear and off-load equipment. Checks material coming off welder and identifies finished grating pieces, and writes up jobs. Reports apparent defects or equipment malfunction to Operator and/or Supervisor. Unload material into designated areas. 5. Performs minor maintenance reports any malfunction of equipment to supervisor. 6. Performs other miscellaneous duties as assigned by Supervisor such as, but not limited to inventory counts, unloading incoming materials, loading raw material, etc. 7. Maintains neat and orderly work area. 8. Restocks coils of flat bar, loads, threads, cuts, matches end and welds ends together, as required. 9. Performs job functions using safe work practices. 10. Required to adhere to all safety rules and regulations and participate in safety efforts.

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  • Shop Helper

    Location: Houston, TX Base Pay: 18.00/hourly

    Primary Function: Pressing Pressure Lock panels and pieces together in accordance with a shop sheet/work order. Tools and Equipment: General tools, forklift, cranes, conveyors, and jig boards. Materials: Carbon steel, Stainless steel, and aluminum Physical Demand: Moderate physical effort handling material, feeding, and operating the press. Working procedures: • Review shop sheet/work order for job requirements • Checks bearing bar and cross bar material for order compliance • Verifies jig board is the correct spacing as required • Starts press and inspects for normal operation, leaks, and lubrication • Presses panels togethers making sure cross bars are pressed flush, making sure the length, width and quantities are correct • Removes finished panels from the jig board and stacks material safely to be moved down stream • Work should be visually inspected for any defects while in process and if any found, report to Supervisor for correction • Reports any equipment defects to Supervisor • Performs other miscellaneous related duties as assigned by the Supervisor • Completes a daily production report at the end of each shift • Cleans work area daily at the end of each shift • Must be able to read measuring tape

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  • Maintenance Electrician

    Location: Channelview, TX Base Pay: $25.00-$28.00/hourly

    Maintenance Multicraft Electrical Tech I. Position Summary Repairs and maintains, in accordance with diagrams, sketches, operation manuals, and manufacturer’s specifications, any mechanical & electrical equipment, such as the EVG & Newcor welders, all other production equipment, welding machines, cranes, presses, forklifts, conveyors, compressors, etc. Primary Responsibilities Primary responsibilities of Maintenance Multicraft Electrical Technician include repair, preventive maintenance, and installation of new machinery. Ability to understand, edit, and troubleshoot PLC programs. Direct logic PLCs is a plus. Knowledge of servo hydraulic systems and positioning transducers. Able to work on electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems. Able to work around high current resistance welding equipment. Ability to weld and fabricate. Understanding of basic machining for mechanical repairs. Strong computer skills. Able to work in AutoCad. Ability to work in boom lift for crane inspection and repair. Knowledge of powder coating. Strong problem solving skills and attention to detail. Ability to learn and understand processes to assist machine operators with setup and operation of the equipment. Repair and maintain electrical and mechanical equipment, such as engines, motors, pneumatic tools, conveyor systems, computer-controlled systems, and production machines and equipment. Adjust and calibrate automated manufacturing equipment. Perform routine preventive maintenance and ensure that machines continue to run smoothly, operate efficiently, and the physical condition does not deteriorate. Cleaning and lubricating machinery, performing basic diagnostic tests, checking performance, and testing damaged machine parts to determine whether major repairs are necessary. Performs job functions using safe work practices; required to adhere to all safety rules and regulations as well as participate in the overall safety effort. Obtain supplies and repair parts from distributors

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  • Machine Operator

    Location: Houston, TX Base Pay: $21.00/hourly

    Shift: Monday - Friday - 4:00:PM - 12:30AM Assist setup, adjust and operate various size punches/presses to produce parts in accordance with specifications. May remove dies after run is complete. Set stripper, knockout, ejecting and safety devices, set and adjust mechanical feeds. Usually single acting, one purpose dies where set ups and operations are standardized. Set adjustable stop gauges. Work from shop sheets, shear schedules, simple drawings and templates. Set ups are checked. Detect and report faulty work, malfunctions of dies and presses. Proceed with minimum supervision. Work is subject to in process and final inspection.

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