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General Information

Available Positions

  • Machinist

    Location: Commerce, CA Base Pay: 22.00 per HOUR

    Manufacturing company in Commerce is in need of a Machinist 

    work schedule: Monday -Saturday: 7:30am -4:30pm 

    Job description: 

    • Operate manual lathe and engine lathe.
    • Maneuver large, awkward, or heavy parts manually or with a crane.
    • Setup, operate, and tend machines used to process components.
    • Install machine fixtures to assure safe operation of machine.
    • Maintain machine and work area in a clean and safe manner.
    • Check and inspect operation against predetermined tolerances.
    • Work in other areas or departments as assigned. 



    • Weekly pay 
    • Direct deposit 
    • Medical, Dental and Vision benefits 
    • Temp to Hire 

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  • Thread Roller Operator

    Location: Los Angeles, CA Base Pay: 26.00 per HOUR

    • Sets up thread rolling machine making required adjustments to dies, cut depths, etc. to tolerances of ± .0001.
    • Uses various support tools and equipment such as wrenches, pliers, calipers, micrometers, gauges, etc. to set-up, maintain and repair machine.
    • Loads workpieces, positions and secures to holding device.
    • Verifies workpiece position.
    • Selects feed rate, cutting speed, depth of cut, tooling, cams, stops, etc. and other variable tasks and items based upon most efficient methods to maintain tolerances for material and tooling required.
    • Operates the thread rolling machines as required for the completion of the various operations necessary on the workpieces being machined.
    • Maintains visual check of work in progress to assure proper functioning of equipment.
    • Provides necessary counts, processes documentation correctly, and maintains daily production logs using computer software applications or production worksheets.
    • Keeps interim records for subassemblies, material, tooling, rework, etc. while in the cell. Studies blueprints or other documentation to visualize machining required and plans sequence of operations.
    • Works as an active team member by participating in problem solving, team building, and all other team activities to improve the processes, productivity, quality, etc. of the production operations in a cell.
    • Uses interpersonal skills as well as good written and verbal communications.
    • Assists other cell members as required.

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  • CNC Operator

    Location: Los Angeles, CA Base Pay: 27.67 per HOUR

    Sets up C N C machines making required adjustments to tooling, collets, etc.

    Running machines with chucker automatic load systems. Troubleshoots and resolves various problems related to the set-up and operation of tooling, work holding etc. of an auto loading C N C machine tool.

    Read and interpret drawings, programs, and other documentation to visualize machining required and sequence of operations.

    Makes input to C N C consistent with set up procedure.

    Fills out Setup Card for preset or setup of tools to be used in operation of CN C machine.

    Performs dry run to verify setup prior to production run.

    Recognizes and reports errors n programming and operations.

    Collaborates with appropriate personnel in correcting errors.

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  • Meat Cutter / Trimmer

    Location: Los Angeles, CA Base Pay: 19.00 per HOUR

    Poultry Manufacture company is seeking Trimmers 

    Job Description:

    • Use knives or band saws, or other equipment to perform meat cutting and trimming
    • Clean, trim, slice, and section poultry for processing
    • Cut and trim meat to prepare for packing
    • Remove parts, such as skin or bones as requested
    • Inspect meat products for defects, bruises or blemishes and remove them along with any excess fat
    • Maintain work area clean


    Schedule: 9am - 5:30pm Monday - Friday and some Saturdays

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  • Forklift Operator

    Location: Bell Gardens, CA Base Pay: 17.00 per HOUR

    Organic hygiene company in city of Bell is in need of Sit-Down & Stand-Up Forklift Operators  

    Work schedule: Monday -Friday 6:00am- 3:30pm (able to work Saturday's ) 

    Job duties: 

    • Operate a Stand up & Sit Down Forklift
    • Transport merchandise to, from, and within the warehouse to put away, drop down, and rotate full pallets of stock through the warehouse inventory reserve racks using a Forklift
    • Transport merchandise from receiving dock or reserve slots to proper location in the warehouse
    • Maintain accurate records of quantities, pack size and description
    • Stack cases and rotate merchandise
    • Slot material in designated storage areas


    • Weekly pay 
    • Direct Deposit 
    • Medical, Dental and Vision benefits 
    • Temp to Hire 

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