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General Information

Available Positions

  • Production (Fast Paced)

    Location: Augusta, GA Base Pay: 15.00 per HOUR

    • Heavy lifting up to 50 pounds steel toe boots only 12-hour shifts weekends
    • physically demanding job
    • working with DRY ICE
    • long hours
    • on your feet 12 hours a day
    • Night shift 7pm-7am
    • $15/hr
    • weekly pay

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  • Quality Assurance Technician-Sourced

    Location: Augusta, GA Base Pay: 16.75 per HOUR

    Responsibilities and essential job functions include but are not limited to the following:

    • Evaluates and documents quality of finished goods and raw materials. Reports quality conditions as needed.

    • Evaluates condition of the manufacturing facility and warehouse space to ensure compliance to regulatory and HACCP requirements. Audits programs in support of quality objectives.

    Participates in process improvement activities. Meets performance schedules.

    • Maintains product quality through adherence to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Hazard Assessment and Critical Control Points (HACCP) guidelines, product specifications and quality procedures by monitoring and documenting compliance to quality parameters.

    • Maintains regular and consistent attendance and punctuality.

    • Participates in the maintenance and development of plant quality programs in support of HACCP. Provides training and education of quality-based programs to manufacturing partners.

    • Responsible for the management and/or implementation of food safety, legality and quality programs.

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  • Maintenance Technician Part-Time

    Location: Augusta, GA Base Pay: 17.00 per HOUR


    The Maintenance CW support needed for the storeroom would include the following at a minimum:


    Desired qualifications:

    • Previous maintenance experience or mechanical aptitude (at least 2 years)
    • Physically able to transport deliveries as some boxes could be heavy (able to lift 20-25 lbs)
    • Proficient experience in using computer software/programs (at least 3 years)


    Work Schedule

    • 11AM-3PM Monday-Friday, part time
    • Additional hours and responsibilities can be accommodated if desired but this is needed at a minimum
    • Timing is based upon UPS/FedEx deliveries therefore a later start time if part time would be ideal


    The scope of daily duties includes:

    1. Picking up the deliveries from UPS, FEDEX, etc. for the day and transporting them via cart to the storeroom
    2. Operating the elevator
    3. Receiving the parts into the system (therefore computer experience is needed)
    4. Stocking the parts on the shelves and labeling them

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