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Forklift Operator (PM) MH

Morgan Hill, CA

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Position: Forklift Operator
Pay Rate: $14.85
Shift: Mon.- Sat. (3:30pm-12:00am)
Location: Morgan Hill, Ca.

Summary of Position:

A Production Forklift Operator job functions are related to shifting of goods and material from one place to another. The operator is also involved in loading and unloading processes as well as sorting and systematic handling of production items

Job Specific Duties & Responsibilities:

Participate in forklift certification training and annual recertification for license renewal.
The forklift operator is accountable for checking lifts prior to usage
Loading goods on to the forklift in a systematic procedure.
Following proper handling procedure of the goods.
Responsibility for conducting regular inspection of the forklift to ensure its safety and ability to performing the operations.
Assist in assembling goods and materials unto pallets to put on trucks for transportation.
Maintain and work in according to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) rules.
Verify the loaded material with the order form given.
Coordinate work with the warehouse staff and carry out the orders of the supervisor.
Check, count and weigh of inventory.

Job Requirements

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