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Production Worker Night Shift

Spartanburg, SC

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Resource MFG is currently hiring Machine Operators for Mairec Precious Metals in Spartanburg, SC.

Pay: $15.00

Shift: 7:00pm - 7:00am

3 days on - 2 days off - 2 days on

Job Description:
• Starts production machinery at beginning of shift.
• Monitors equipment to ensure that equipment is operating properly.
• Makes sure that workstation is clean and free of hazards.
• Addresses problems with production equipment and machinery and fixes them as needed.
• Cleans equipment daily and after each customer lot.
• Loads production parts by hand.
• Uses power tools to open containers, maintain equipment and disassemble products.
• Observes and removes faulty product from line.
• Inspects incoming products to ensure they are up to quality standards.
• Affixes labels, company logos and other exterior details to products and containers.
• Packs up completed productions and prepares them for shipment.
• Keeps factory floor and machines clean.
• Unloads, organizes and stocks shipments.
• Adheres to all safety guidelines in the production and handling of materials in the factory.
• Operates forklifts.
• Operates weigh scales.
• Operates computers and bar coding equipment.
• Ensuring that all production deadlines are met.
• Reports issues or problems with production to manager.
• Adheres to all company policy and guidelines as outlined in the employee handbook.


Job Requirements

• 6 months machine operator experience within the past 2 year
• High School Diploma or GED
• Muse be able to lift up to 50lbs
• Demonstrates ability to interpret equipment gauges and monitors on factory equipment.
• Possesses knowledge of the structure and function of production equipment.
• Is able to identify problems or malfunctions with machinery and equipment.
• Demonstrates analytical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to troubleshoot production issues.
• Pays close attention to detail.
• Must write legibly.

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