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Painter is responsible for proper preparation of surfaces and application of painting materials to a variety of exterior surfaces.  An employee in this class may work at heights of up to 15 feet.  Painter spends a substantial portion of the work time spray painting.  The duties may also require that an employee wear a mask, fresh air breathing apparatus or other safety equipment as needed, when working with paint products emitting hazardous vapors.

  • Removes accessories Masks glass, trim, and other parts not to be painted
  • Cleans, sands and prepares surfaces for painting
  • Applies primer and finish coast to automobiles, trucks, and other surfaces using lacquers and synthetic paints and enamels;
  • May paint automotive accessories
  • May do body work required to prepare motor vehicles for painting
  • May work with unpleasant or toxic fumes and materials wearing protective and safety equipment;
  • May mix and match paints
  • May occasionally rub, polish, and wax finish coats
  • Cleans and maintains spray guns and other painting equipment
  • Keeps time and work records
  • May work as a lead over a helper; and may occasionally be assigned to other duties for training purposes or to meet technological changes or emergencies

Job Requirements

Preferred Experience/Qualifications

  • A good knowledge of the processes, techniques and materials used in painting automotive and construction equipment;
  • A good knowledge of the proper methods of preparing automotive equipment for painting
  • A good knowledge of the proper methods of caring for spray guns and other auto painting equipment and materials;
  • A good knowledge of safety precautions required in performing the work of the trade
  • A working knowledge of safe work practices
  • Skill in the use of spray guns and other auto painting equipment
  • The ability to mix and match paints
  • The ability to prepare auto body surfaces for painting
  • The ability to follow written and oral instructions
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