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Laser Operator I - Medical

Minneapolis, MN

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Located in Plymouth, MN

Pay Rate: $15.00

Hours - M-F 7:30-4:00 or 8:00-4:30

This position employs an individual for the operation of a computer based laser machining work center.

This individual’s primary responsibility will be to laser process components through instructions that may be in the form of drawings, and written or verbal direction.

Employees must become familiar with procedures and are aided with direct supervision.

This position is part of a team and a heavy emphasis will be placed on the individual’s ability to participate in a team environment.


• Perform simple to medium complexity tasks related to customer specific process requirements. Must be able to comprehend documentation requirements.

• Verify system conditions or equipment status before operation.

• Inspect components to insure specifications have been met.

• Enter data as required.

• Maintain a clean and safe work area. • Follows instructions of the Supervisor and/or Production Manager and conduct all work according to policy and good safe labor practices.

• The use of laser radiation (non-ionizing) sources will be used only in a manner that is safe for all employees and visitors.

The various wavelengths of laser light utilized will be taken into consideration in this and other personal protection policies by the laser operator.

• Employee must conduct themselves in a professional and appropriate manner and is responsible for maintaining a high standard of conduct and job performance. 

Job Requirements

Required Qualifications

• High School Diploma or Equivalent

• Minimum one year experience in a manufacturing environment

Preferred Qualifications:

• Experience with automated or manual inspection equipment

• Familiarity with ISO Quality Systems particularly in medical device manufacturing.

• Use of optical inspection equipment. This may be defined as a magnifier, microscope, and/or equipment

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