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Assembly/Finisher (Entry Level)

Blue Island, IL

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Responsible for processing castings that require sandblasting, wheelebrating, acid dip and penetrate.. The operator will work with acid and alkaline solutions and will process castings through penetrate operations. Extreme attention to processes and safety requirements necessary with caustic materials.

Responsibilities:Surface Treat  

1. Accurate scanning in and out on jobs and the proper reporting of processed quantities

2. Wear proper safety equipment; keep work area clean and safe at all times

3. Understand customer requirements, our companies internal scrap challenges, rework, customer returns, the impact they have on your job and demonstrate ability to deliver quality & efficient workmanship

4. Review & inspect all material being used, building self-inspection into everything you make/process

5. Complete, date, and sign-off on all routing information

6. Perform job tasks in an efficient manner according to given standards

7. Blast castings until a uniformed appearance has been obtained

8. Remove and blow out grit and sand from castings

9. Process aluminum and magnesium castings through acids to clean, remove and desmutt the soft metals

10. Must always wear PPE gear when processing castings through acids

11. Neutralize and process spent acids and waste water

12. Change and mix acids according to processing specifications

13. Ensure castings have a clean uniform finish after processing


Job Requirements

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